Yes, you read that right.  As of this writing, the WWE is in negotiations with Justin Bieber. 

Before you go jump off a bridge though, let me give you the full story. 

It was just reported that the WWE is negotiationing with "the Biebs" to sing America the Beautiful at Wrestlemania 27. 

Are you stepping away from the ledge yet? 

See, Bieber won't be hosting Raw, nor will he be donning the tights and lacing up the boots.  Much like Nicole Scherzinger, Fantasia Burrino, among others, the Biebs is being summoned to open the show.  Given the current initiative to engage the tween crowd in the WWE product, this might be the first truly smart move on the part of the WWE.  As much as I hate to admit it, this kid is a major star and he might actually bring extra viewers to the show by himself.  That is, if he can stay popular for another 6 months. 

Joking aside, the kid has a strangehold on the tween market and for once, the WWE is targeting someone that can truly benefit them.  I don't think I'm alone in saying that Fantasia singing last year was about as exciting as fishing in a man made lake.  I know I'm not alone in thinking that having that mess of a human, who months later was caught in a scandal with a married man, was an utter waste of money by the WWE.  Sure, she can sing, but so can kids in high school choirs.  The idea of the celebrity "America the Beautiful" rendition is to get someone to draw a crowd from outside the typical WWE realm.  All Fantasia could draw was her parents, and even they were skeptical of it.

In this case, the WWE would be capitalizing on a megastar at the height of his popularity.  With PPV buys dangerously low, this could actually help the buys for Wrestlemania.  Talks are still in the early stages and we will keep you up to date with the very latest as this story develops, but I leave you with a line I never thought I'd utter.

WWE, bring on the Biebs!


(Disclaimer - I am in no way, shape, or form, a Justin Bieber fan.  However, I know a good decision when I see one.  Don't like it?  Voice your opinion below!)