I was debating whether I should write about this, but I figured if I didn't, it would be like the 500 pound elephant in the living room.  In this case though, it would be the 265 pound bearded man-beast in the living room.  You just can't ignore it.

By now, many of you have heard that a confrontation of sorts occurred between the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar following Lesnar's loss to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121.  Caught on video by an independent news source, Taker was being interviewed about the fight when Lesnar walked by.  As that happened, Taker temporarily walked away from his interview and said "you want to do it?"  Lesnar walked away without saying a word. 

Speculation ran rampant as this video surfaced and many began to question whether this was a legitimate confrontation or a work, perhaps one leading to a match between the two men at Wrestlemania.  Could it happen?  Let's first look at whether or not this meeting was legit.

I have posted the video below so if you have not seen it, you can now.  What I noticed in watching the video is that Undertaker's head is basically on a swivel until Lesnar appears.  It almost seems as if Taker is distracted by something until he actually sees Lesnar.  To me, this is a major clue.  I would guess that Taker was looking for Brock to deliver his line and though he wanted to answer the questions, the real reason he was on TV was for that confrontation.  The deadman is noticably more focused on the interview after the confrontation, so it's pretty clear to me that he was waiting for Brock for their confrontation.

Now the question becomes whether he was waiting for Brock just to start with him, or whether both men knew the work was coming.  I have no idea how the arena is set up or whether Brock was supposed to come Taker's way, but the body language I saw hints to me that this thing was planned in advance.

The obvious reason for a work would be a Wrestlemania match between the deadman and his former rival turned MMA star.  Having worked brutal matches before, this would be seemingly nothing new, but with Brock having obtained great fame from crossing over into a legitimate sport, the draw could be huge.  When WWE brings in crossover stars, they usually can't do much inside a wrestling squared circle.  However, this isn't just any crossover star as we've already discussed.  This MMA fighter is already trained to wrestle.  Clearly, this is bigger than Floyd Mayweather for just that reason. 

But what are the odds it happens?

Brock is under contract with UFC, but due to injuries sustained in his loss to Velasquez, he has a 180 day suspension.  This would make April the next time Lesnar could have a UFC fight.  Wrestlemania is April 2.

With time off where Lesnar is not allowed to train for another fight, thus not able to bring in another payday, going to WWE for a major payday would be a smart business decision for Lesnar if legal. 

While under UFC contract, he can't compete outside of their octagon, but with Dana White and Vince McMahon being friends, an argreement could be reached to make an exception.  Word is that Vince McMahon was walking around with a swagger after Undertaker's confrontation as if he knew something that we didn't.  Does he?

There are two options here.  Either White and McMahon came to an agreement to cross promote with a Wrestlemania bout, or Lesnar will be out of his UFC contract and free to compete elsewhere.  This could lead to a Wrestlemania bout and/or signing with Strikeforce to fight the likes of Bobby Lashley, Fedor Emelianenko, and even Dave Bautista.  I'm not sure Lesnar will want to give up his deal with UFC, but these are excellent money making possibilities. 

My guess is that White and McMahon have something cooking.  There's too much smoke here to think that this isn't a set up, but where will it go?

With Undertaker being attacked by Nexus the next night, leading to his being buried alive, Brock Lesnar could be revealed as the culprit behind this attack.  This would lead to the revival of the hated feud from 2002.  Of course, the two could be unrelated, but it would seem the story could very well already be in motion. 

My biggest fear with this move is how the locker room will react.  Keep in mind that Lesnar's departure from WWE in 2004 was not a very well received one, given the time and efforts made to market Lesnar as a huge star.  He up and left after so much was given to him and it left a bad taste in a lot of mouths, including the Undertaker.  Bringing back this pariah with a paycheck greater than what most loyal employees make in a year might be dangerous to backstage morale.  I'm sure it will be hated at first, but if it brings more buys to Wrestlemania and bonuses go up, that feeling might just subside. 

It is a risky endeavor and one that is quite unique.  This one has legs and I'll be interested to see if it develops.  Of course, I wouldn't mind if it falls through and the Undertaker faces a heel John Cena at Wrestlemania, but there is still so much time. 

So what are your thoughts?  Will Lesnar be at Wrestlemania?  Will he face the Undertaker?  Do you want it to happen?  Let the speculation begin!