The last time my fingers hit the keyboard to discuss TNA, the results were not pretty.  In a 24 hour period, I essentially threatened Hulk Hogan and then lambasted his appearance for the "big swerve" and the reveal of "they".  A month has past, and while I still don't think Hogan needed to be there at all, TNA has moved forward. way forward. 

The company seems to move stories ahead at such a quick pace, so Bound for Glory truly feels like it was months ago.  With TNA's theory of packing so much story into a two hour block (plus a third hour to explain it all), there is a lot that has happened since Jeff Hardy, Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, and Hogoff shocked the world. 

I haven't done too much in terms of prepping everyone for TNA Pay Per Views, but I figured I'd try my hand at it and see if we can't break down stories and predict outcomes.  I can almost guarantee that I will do worse with these picks than my WWE picks, but I am the best on the internet at predicting WWE outcomes, so I still like my odds.  So, without further adieu, lets take my first crack at predicting a TNA Pay Per View:

Abyss vs. The Pope D'Angelo Dinero in a fan Lumberjack match - Wasn't this a "last rights Casket match a week ago?  If it still is and it includes lumberjacks, that is quite a convoluted gimmick match for a feud that just started.  If it is no longer a Casket match, well then why waste a week stuffing Dinero into a casket?  There needs to be more forsight when TNA books week to week!  With that said, people love Pope and his smooth talking ways, but with Abyss a part of Immortal (they), I can't imagine him continuing to lose every match he's in.  Something has to give, and he can't be the muscle to a supergroup while losing to much smaller opponents like Pope.  I predict that one of the "fans" is actually a wrestler who helps Abyss win.  I just hope he doesn't have to assault a ton of them before that happens.  That abduction stuff he's been doing is just wrong......

Mickie James vs. Tara - This feud apparently is based off of the one they had in WWE and has continued to TNA.  In this company, Mickie wants a shot at champion Madison Rayne, but Tara is her protector, so the "Hardcore Country" girl must go through the arachnid queen first (or is it the Harley Hoochie now?).  This should be a decent knockouts match considering the fact that both women have years of experience, but I'm torn on who to take here.  On one hand, Mickie SHOULD win to stay hot and get a crack at the title next, but at the same time, it could work where Madison screws Mickie over, making her path to the title even more difficult.  I'm going to go with the latter and pick Tara to win due to Madison's interference.  This should hopefully get people more behind Mickie than a simple win and really push this feud hopefully all the way to a Mickie James title reign in the not too distant future. 

Jay Lethal vs. Robbie E for the X Division Championship - This is actually my favorite feud in the company right now.  Why?  Because the booking is simple and effective.  Robbie E is your typical Jersey shore douche.  Obviously, it's a play on the show, but being from Long Island, I can tell you that tons of people not on television have been dressing and acting that way for years.  It is easy to hate and thus, makes a great heel character.  While "shore" are not great at doing the accent, they have garnered great heat as they have taunted fellow New Jerseyian Jay Lethal about his title.  However, Robbie E just debuted a month ago and I don't believe a 1 month feud justifies a title win.  Lethal should retain here in what will probably be the best match on the card if given proper time. 

On a side note, Jay Lethal is incredibly talented and I hope that when he finally does lose this title he gets elevated way up on the card.  He absolutely deserves it. 

Tommy Dreamer vs. Rob Van Dam - Yes, you are reading this right.  The man who held the TNA title up until he was massacred to the point where he had to give it up is now wrestling Tommy Dreamer on a Pay Per View.  Sad but true.  The story here is that RVD has become paranoid due to his good friend Jeff Hardy turning bad, so he has caused internal tension in EV2.0 due to this paranoia.  This led to EV2 leader Dreamer stepping up and wanting to settle things in the ring.  I'm not sure what this match proves, but I'm guessing that somehow a swerve that doesn't make sense is coming.  RVD should win, because losing to Dreamer would just be pathetic, but I have a feeling the story might be in the post match shenanigans here.  Do what you want afterwords, just don't book RVD to never lose in 7 months since his debut and then have him lose to Tommy Dreamer. 

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D for the Tag Team Championships - This match pits two babyface teams against each other, with one abou to retire whether they win or lose.  Should be a fun contest provided the Guns can carry the aging former Dudleyz.  I expect the Guns to go over here with the "ultimate rub", but rumor has it that 3D isn't done anyway.  Supposedly, they will retire THE TEAM but they will continue on as individuals.  Yep, because it worked so well in WWE...........

Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe - What I have found weird about the Immortal angle is that the group hasn't appeared as a whole since the first day.  They were all in the ring together for a half an hour, and haven't been seen together since.  It's just weird.  In that time, Jarrett has spent his time showing us that he's a bad guy now, taunting the likes of Kurt Angle and now Samoa Joe.  Kurt is gone for now as he is supposed to be retired given the stipulation going into Bound for Glory, so Joe is left to fight the man that betrayed him.  Jarrett will win here, but it won't be clean.  I'm still mad that he beat Morgan two weeks ago cleanly, but Immortal has to look strong here.  Somehow, someway Jarrett will get the win.  It sucks because no one really cares about Jarrett, but it has to be this way. 

EV2.0 vs. Fortune (winner gets to fire someone from the losing team) - If you remember my Bound for Glory rant, you probably remember how pissed I was that EV2 won the match and that Tommy Dreamer pinned A.J. Styles.  For some reason, this feud continued and Fortune (minus Matt Morgan) will try to save face and actually beat Fortune this time.  They should, and I'd expect the expiring contract of Sabu to be the one cut loose.  From a business standpoint, it's a good way to write him off, but from a storyline perspective, wouldn't you rather fire the leader(Dreamer)?  Or if not him, the strongest guy in the group (Rhino)?  I hope they have a good explanation for their decision, but I expect Fortune to win this one.  If they don't, I may just give up hope all together. 

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan for the TNA Championship - This may be one of the least hyped Pay Per View main events in the history of professional wrestling.  On one side, you have a challenger that had to step in for an injured competitor.  Whether current plans called for it or not, Matt Morgan had to step up, turn face, and become #1 contender in 2 weeks.  This after being pinned by Brian freakin Kendrick just a month ago.  However, using Ken Anderson's real concussion that Jeff actually caused as fuel was somehow a good idea and Morgan became likeable quite quickly.  Still, the match wasn't official until AFTER IMPACT WENT OFF THE AIR!!!  Yep, Morgan pinned Eric Bischoff, usurped the open contract for the title, and signed up for this match on Reaction after Impact ended.  This was all three days before the Pay Per View!  Thus, tension built between competitors was quite tough.  To make it worse, the champion who pulled the swerve of the year for TNA has not been seen in a TNA ring since concussing Mr. Anderson.  Yes, for the last two weeks, Jeffrey Nero Hardy has only been seen on the big screen cutting weird promos that don't pertain to anyone in particular.  I'm not a fan of keeping the champion off of TV, especially when he just won the belt and TNA hasn't had a champion for two months before that.  Now you have that champion facing a guy he has never really had any encounters with and they haven't even stood in the same ring together.  It's a weird way to have a main event to say the least.  Now, with that out of the way, let's just say Jeff will win, probably with help.  It will hapen as the powerful faction won't lose their champion in a month.  For those looking for it to be a setup and Morgan to be back in Fortune, the group choked the man out with a chain and basically hung him.  I wouldn't rejoin with a group that almost killed me!  Morgan is a face now, and it's good for him.  Unfortunately, it was hotshotted and he will have to work hard to get back to the main event after this loss.  I will be interested to see how Jeff works heel in the ring though.  That's about the only intriguing part of this matchup. 

Due to the weird surroundings of the main event, this show doesn't have the makings of a great one.  What also may hurt is is the fact that the Motor City Machine Guns and Samoa Joe get older, slower opponents that they can't show off with, while mega-talent A.J. Styles still has to work with the old ECW crew.  I expect the X Division match to be the best, and you should see a few swerves along the way.  Booking will be key here and we will most certainly discuss it as we do with all WWE Pay Per Views.  However, if it's too frustrating, this could be the last time I put time and an extensive amount of written word in about TNA's Pay Per Views.  Check back Monday to find out that answer!