It was recently reported here that Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett were back in their respective home countries getting their visa issues sorted out.  One report stated that McIntyre could be out as long as Summerslam, but on a day with devastating news, we got a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

It is now being reported that McIntyre and Barrett have both resolved their issues and will be available to work as soon as possible.  Barrett will rejoin Nexus on Monday, allowing for the storyline to go off exactly as planned, while McIntyre will wait until creative finds a way to write him back onto TV, given he was deported on screen. 

On a day where a great legend was hospitalized, it was nice to hear some positive news.  I'm glad to hear that these guys were able to take care of their issues quickly and look forward to seeing them back on TV.  Losing Barrett would have been absolutely devastating so it's a huge positive that his issues are squared away.  With this issue now over, here's hoping that the next report I have to make is "Ricky Steamboat out of the hospital and feeling good!"