It seems like so long ago now, but a few months ago, I posted a link to "The Sports Guy" Bill Simmons interviewing Shawn Michaels.  As a wrestling journalist, it's always great to see other journalists more successful than me use their merits to put professional wrestling out into the mainstream. 

Of course, Simmons is the perfect candidate for this job.  A huge wrestling fan himself, Simmons' passion for the wrestling business really makes his interviews come alive.  His knowledge and memories make wrestlers feel comfortable with him and I believe that was quite evident with Shawn Michaels.

Now, Bill Simmons is back in the WWE trail and this time he draws the Awesome One.  The Miz invaded Simmons' studio yesterday for an hour long interview available on podcast.  This interview covers everything from the Real World to the WWE and a little in between.  The one thing I wish was included more was Miz's upbringng, but the path from reality star to WWE star is quite an interesting one anyways.  Though it's done slightly in character (Miz talks about some things like they are real), it's easy to pick up Miz's comfort in just talking with people and I believe this skill will enable him to become an excellent babyface someday.  He speaks of his passion for being a bad guy, but some have pigeonholed him to such a role.  I dare you to listen to this interview and still think of Miz as a one trick pony!  It is a fun interview though, and that's why I have provided it for you below.  Enjoy!