I came across something really weird today and before I went to bed, I had to share it with my readers. 

Normally, when wrestlers make appearances on any show other than their regular wrestling programs, the appearance is hyped to no end as to get media exposure out of it.  However, there was an appearance today that went copmletely under the radar.

If you were lucky enough to tune into "The Price is Right", you would have seen a familiar face.  Yes, Brian Kendrick was a contestant on the show!  The weird part?  At no point was he acknowledged as a wrestler!

Now, I could understand that if the host was someone else.  Kendrick isn't the biggest guy and certainly can blend in as a regular contestant.  However, the host of the show is Drew Carey.  The same Drew Carey that entered the 2001 Royal Rumble and is an admitted wrestling fan.  Surely, he had to know who he was talking to?

Either way, the appearance was treated as a non-story and was simply an amusing find for me.  What stands out is that Kendrick comes off just as weird on here as he does in his "zen" gimmick in TNA.  I'm beginning to think it's no so much of a gimmick.........

Anyway, I've included the video below.  I think it should be interesting to see a wrestler in a somewhat regular situation and treated as just another person.  It's somewhat of a phenomenon, but that's what makes it great.  Enjoy and look for the HOT or NOT tomorrow!