The term right now that is coming to mind is “better late than never.” This happens to be the case in regard to this column, as I have recently picked up a new job and have not have had a lot of time to do much of anything outside of attending to the personal responsibility I have in regards to family and what not. Now while “better late than never” is good never late is better. I'd like to apologize once again and ask that any fans who may read these articles bear with me, as the dates these are put out will start to be kinda sporadic. So without any further ado, lets head to the booth and call up to the box because SmackDown is now under review!


With that being said, I have watched little wrestling in the past 2 weeks. I DID NOT see the SmackDown from two weeks ago, but after reading the result on the dirt sheet sites I am slightly disappointed in SmackDown. I will skip that week in review though and get into this past SmackDown, as that is more relevant than the one from two weeks ago. This weeks edition had picked up a bit but there is still that air of disappointment surrounding it.


The opening promo did what it had to do; sell Del Rio as a sniveling coward heel. This is not hard to do as the stigma is that most “rich men” do not wanna handle light work or get their hands dirty with things they may not be able to handle. With the way the economy is and what not, seeing Del Rio get beat down repetitively is natural escapism for everyone struggling to make a paycheck work. Big Show is always good to throw someone to whether as the giant for the face to slay or the monster for the heel to run from. Tonight we're getting monster Show vs coward Del Rio, i'll cast judgement later.


Mark Henry vs Morrison was what it was. Another squash for Morrison, another pointless win for Henry. Morrison may be a “spot monkey” to some but I personally like the character and it's sad to see the WWE do him dirty like they have. Nuff said here.


Barrett vs. Bryan is up after Henry vs. Morrison. This is a match that had potential to be awesome, and than turned out okay at best. I understand if your not at the top of the card, you don't get as much time, but come on. This was a bit to fast to sell either of them and what is the deal with the losing streak from Hell with Daniel Bryan? Are they setting up for him to drop his briefcase to someone or will he be (as some feel he will) the first person to lose after cashing in MitB? Only time will tell but if either of those is the case, they are really missing out on the potential Daniel Bryan has.


Sheamus and Ryder vs Ziggler and Christian is up and man was that fast. Apparently Ryder is the guy you throw with someone when they need a tag team partner now? I know he's popular but give this guy a legit feud and make him more meaningful than a drawn out Guido joke. This was a very cookie cutter tag squash match which is sad since it involved the U.S. Champ, someone who is supposed to be right about to break the glass so to speak. Of course Sheamus and Ryder won, as what other option was there for this match?


Cody Rhodes was microphone gold this past Friday. If anyone needs a idea of what right looks like when trying to tell a story and get yourself over, watch that. Cody Rhodes is defiantly part of the future of the WWE. If he can stay healthy and out of trouble he could be a go-to heel for years. His interaction with Orton was great to keep Orton looking strong and give Cody a run for his money which had him come out looking good also. Hopefully this will be a simple, short feud to give Cod that extra push he needs before he walks into the big boys yard. What are the long term plans for him are my real wonder, may I dare say a meeting with a certain someone with a particular streak may be in order? Maybe I think to highly of Rhodes but I see money every time his music plays.


Sin Cara Blue vs. Sin Cara Black was nothing more than a treat for the Mexican fans. They know it's Mistico under that mask and he is a superstar to them, so naturally this would be a great place to do this match. Problem though is a mask vs. mask match is better suited as a feud ender done on a PPV and not on a pre-taped, weekly free show like SmackDown. Overall the match was okay but the end was just sad. Lose with some honor and dignity, than again heels don't work with honor or dignity so who am I to judge?


When is Brodus Clay coming back?? Call me crazy but I think he is another one that could be big if marketed right, which they seem to be so far.


The Divas promo did it's job tonight. No more no less, not that many people really care right now. Who is Eve again?? I thought she was like assistant or something for Kelly Two Times. Okay, I know she isn't but hopefully you got the point behind that. Eve has no place getting the belt over Beth, ever. AND I MEAN EEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!


Del Rio vs. Big Show was as predictable as a 2011 Indianapolis Colts game. You know who was gonna win and how bad it was gonna be, but you watch anyway. Keep Show going after Henry for a few more weeks and give Del Rio a better deal than what he currently has on SmackDown. The post walk-out crew lead by Vickie Guerrero showed promise with Del Rio added to the mix. Imagine Del Rio, Vickie, Ziggler, Swagger, Christian, Otunga, and Ricardo Rodriguez all together as one. This could be a amazing stable and give all of them something better to do than what most of them are now.


Overall the show gets a 6/10. It was a okay show but that was it. Not really much to say except is that it lacks the excitement they once had. Hopefully in time they