On Wednesday, we learned that Ricky Steamboast was hospitalized.  At the time, the word going around was that he had suffered a brain aneurysm unrelated to his participation in the Nexus attack on Raw monday.  It seems that early reports were wrong, and luckily, they oversold the situation. 

New reports are now saying that Steamboat suffered a burst capillary, not a brain aneurysm, and that was what caused bleeding in the brain.  According to those smarter than me when it comes to the medical world, this is not nearly as serious, and the report supports this, as Steamboat is expected to stay in the hospital for 5 more days.  At that time, he will face another angiogram, and if the results are positive, he may be out as soon as next weekend.  It is important to note that doctors still believe that this condition is not related to the Nexus attack, which is certainly good news for the WWE.

Things certainly look brighter for the Steamboat camp, and Mouthofthesouthshore.com, on behalf of fanvsfan.com, would like to continue to wish Ricky Steamboat a speedy recovery.  All the best to Ricky and his family during this time.  Get well soon Dragon!