It is now Tuesday and within the last 48 hours, wrestling fans have witnessed an unbelievable Wrestlemania and an equally great Monday Night Raw.  I'm sure my avid fans have been waiting at the edge of their seat for my full thoughts on both these events as well as other things, and have been thorougly disappointed thus far.  I felt it was important to inform everyone of where I've been. 

I love this blog.  I love wrestling and I love the fact that I have this forum to share my thoughts.  However, the beginning of this week is not just a big time for a wrestling fan, it is a big time for Jewish people.  With the passover holiday taking up most of my time, I have had a difficult time getting to the computer (heck, I'm not even supposed to be using the computer!).  Never fear though, while the seder attendees mingled and munched on desert, I was hauled away catching Monday Night Raw.  I have my notes, now I just need the time!  Expect everything to pick up by the end of the week, I'm working hard for you guys!  I just felt I should inform you of my priorities which are as follows: Family and Judaism first, blogger second.  Thanks for understanding and don't worry, the Mouth will not be silenced long!