Remember the excitement I had yesterday writing my Raw Review?  It is but a memory now, due to the buzzkill that it WWE NXT.  I should probably stop getting my hopes up, and telling myself "this is the week they turn it all around!" because at this point, there's more hope in Vickie Guerrero winning a beauty contest.  The show is clearly "book as you go" and any stupid idea will fly, including burying talent but putting them over in voting.  Perhaps I'm a glutton for punishment, but I will continue to watch the show to report on it, even if it messes temporarily with my sanity.  Then again, maybe I just enjoy venting about it and thus, an hour of pain can be justified by the time put into each scathing article.

The show opened up with Matt Striker bringing all the competitors out on the stage.  They are asked about their rankings, which you should remember CAME OUT LAST WEEK!  There was plenty of time on last week's broadcast to do these interviews, so why not then?  As it was, some of the interviews were actually decent.  I liked Otunga's explanation of why he bailed on Cena as I didn't take the time to think that bailing on Cena helps the Miz, who is a pro, who can vote for Otunga.  Of course, if the pros were ever shown voting, it might have been fresher in my mind.  I also liked Michael Tarver's interview, as he finally showed a little personality.  Had he done this from the beginnning, I might not have knocked him the past 7 weeks.  Daniel Bryan's interview was sort of funny, and I like the "rivalry" he has with Michael Cole, but his delivery is pretty lame.  As I always say, it's not just WHAT you say, but HOW you say it matters as well.  These wrestlers need to learn that. 

One thing I'm sure they weren't taught in wrestling school was how to win the next "contest".  For almost 10 minutes, those of us who still torture ourselves by tuning in and those in attendance patiently waiting for the Smackdown taping to begin were treated to a keg carrying contest.  Whoever carries the keg around the ring the fastest would be the winner.  Not sure how this helps the decisions of the pros (who weren't there by the way).  All I got out of the segment was the knowledge that I needed guys like that at my college parties so I didn't have to strain myself carrying kegs.  Anyway, after 10 grueling minutes, Heath Slater was crowned the winner, and his reward was a main event match against Kane.  I think the experts are right.  Watching TV does make you dumber.  At least this type of TV does......

After that disaster of a segment, Skip Sheffield got to cut a promo and apparently turned heel.  Here I was, thinking he had a bright future as Santino Marella's sidekick and he pulls this crap!  Think about your future kid.  Now you will be just another jacked up bad guy, and that actually makes you less appealing then bumbling idiot meathead.  I say make him a bodyguard for a midcarder but have him continually screw up in his role.  It would be amusing and might get him over as a loveable loser who happens to be jacked. 

Almost a half hour in and finally, a match.  I'd rather keep waiting, as the match was pretty bad and the result was worse.  In a 5 minute match at most, Daniel Bryan lost cleanly to Darren Young.  That's right, the 8th place competitor beat the guy in 1st in under 5 minutes.  Can someone explain that to me?  How is this building Daniel Bryan?  I can deal with losses to Khali and Jericho, but Darren Young without any pro interference?  I'm calling WWE and next week, I'll be the "local jobber" who beats Daniel Bryan to further humiliate him.  At this rate, it wouldn't surprise me if the booking team went along with that. 

Next was a match between Justin Gabriel and Michael Tarver.  Remember when I said Tarver's promo earlier was good?  Yeah, he said the same thing in a pretaped segment and it sounded rediculous.  How is it possible to sound more coherent live than in a pretaped segment?  I guess it's possible when you are the laughing stock of NXT.  First he dropped the keg and was the only one disqualified from the competition, and then he loses a short match to the smaller Justin Gabriel.  Along with Bryan, he is the only other guy to be winless still, but at least nobody has ever heard of him.  It looks like it will stay that way. 

Keeping with the quick match trend, we got another quick one between "A-List" David Otunga and Wade Barrett.  As expected, Barrett dominated in under 5 minutes.  If Otunga wanted to impress the pros so much, he might want to win a match over some of the better NXT rookies, otherwise he will end up on a list he doesn't want to be on, the future endeavored list. 

The main event featured Kane beating the hell out of Heath Slater.  I'm not sure what it accomplished, given that Slater barely got any offense in.  If anything, the best part of the match was Michael Cole telling Josh Matthews to read Slater's blog.  I like Slater, but he got manhandled in this one. 

Not a good showing from NXT, the show that features young rookies mentored by seasoned pros...............WHERE WERE THE PROS?  I get that the show changes on the fly, but if these matches and "events" are to be judged by the pros and voted on, shouldn't the pros be there?  Some things just aren't worth trying to figure out, and this show is one of them.  My guess is that this season will run its course and a huge reformatting will occur.  If it doesn't, I really don't know if I can watch another season of this stuff.  It's not quite TNA bad, but it's getting rather close.  Hell, I watch The Biggest Loser before NXT every Tuesday, but this show is truly the biggest loser.  Except in this case, it's not a good thing.