As everyone knows by now, my patience for this new NXT concept has been evaporating by the week.  However, last week renewed my hope at least a little, as the details for the first vote were finally becoming clear, and this week promised to answer all the questions viewers have been looking for.  I was a little excited (perhaps coming off an amazing Raw also flared my temperment), but as has become the pattern, NXT disappointed me again.  The voting could have created storylines within the wrestlers and the pros, and while I did agree with most of the results, there is one that just makes me sick.  Lucky for us, the results portion of the show was the first 10 minutes, so the unhappy tone it set for me carried through the entire show.  Here's how it went down.

Remember when it was said that the pros would be voting for or against the rookies and then the categories they would vote on were revealed later?  Yeah, the results were shown but the pros were nowhere to be found.  Not only that, only the placement of wrestlers were shown, with no detail as to who voted which way and what categories weighed down certain guys and carried others.  It would have been interesting to see how each pro voted, but apparently this was inconsequential.  Also inconsequential were ALL the categories, as you would think the top wrestlers would have to have a good record, since that part was 25 percent of the voting.  This also was of no regard, as an undefeated star finished 4th and a guy without a win finished first.  Something else I noticed that I'm sure nobody else did was that the "voting" obviously didn't factor in characters.  What I mean is, the majority of the NXT rookies are seemingly babyfaces while more than half the pros are heels.  It seemed to me that heels would favor other heels and weigh down faces for being "too nice" or something.  Again, this wasn't mentioned, as very little was. 

With all that negativity out of the way, the voting was too atrocious, as the bottom 4 were, I thought, the worst 4 talents on the show, but the top 4 I was more skeptical of.  I felt Heath Slater was better than 4th as he's the only NXT wrestler (and that includes Daniel Bryan) to get a good reaction in the ring every week along with being undefeated. That should have been worth at least a spot in the top 3.  Speaking of Daniel Bryan, the fact that he was in the top spot already was an absolute joke.  The guy hasn't won a match yet!  I understand that he's the golden boy and the show was created for him, but why not put him in say, 6th, and have him battle back to make the final 4.  Putting him in first just affirms that performance means nothing and that there is a finite direction for the show and swerves are not in the cards.  Considering the new stipulation of NXT winner getting a shot at a title of his choosing, it seems obvious to me that Daniel Bryan will win NXT and get a shot and whatever title The Miz is holding at that time.  Of course, a lot can change in that time, but you have to imagine that Bryan's place won't.  If he can hold down first without winning a match, imagine how he'll fare once he gets in the victory column. 

As for the rest of the show, there was a pros match featuring the Raw pros against the Smackdown pros with Wade Barrett, as Jericho decided to do commentary instead, insisting that the spear off the announce table at Wrestlemania still has him in pain.  I don't doubt that in the slightest.  The match was fun, though basically unncessary, and it actually saw Wade Barrett get the pin on Christian via some interference.  If anybody else is held in Daniel Bryan's class, it's Wade Barrett.  This guy is custom made to be a heel and with his size, it will be tough to fail without shooting himself in the foot. 

The main event featured all the NXT rookies in a Battle Royale to determine next week's Raw guest host.  My first inclination was to figure on the rookie of a Raw pro winning and thus helping (or hindering in Daniel Bryan's case) his pro on Monday.  I imagined Heath Slater winning and giving Christian a title shot, Bryan winning and trying to screw over the Miz, but neither was close to reality.  After both my "favorites" eliminated each other at the same time early, I was completely unsure how it might end.  As it happened, the ending made perfect sense, as David Otunga was the victor.  Although his personality is drier than 20 year old paint, he is marrying a celebrity, and it is entirely possible that he brings her and the "hosts" actually have some credibility.  This might also help him become a character, as I'm really tired of him kissing R-Truth's ass.  He needs to be cocky the way he was in his intro video and he needs to carry that around every second he performs.  Until then, he's extremely lame. 

I think it's pretty obvious that I'm not excited about the show.  I spent weeks putting together my favorites and calculating where each performer should be at the first vote, but as usual, WWE dropped the ball.  I've tried to be patient, I've tried to be lenient, but this voting just confirmed that performance and overness with the crowd mean nothing.  The show was created for the prized Indy star and despite other guys possibly outperforming the golden child, he is destined to win.  We all know wrestling is scripted, but usually, WWE listens to its fans.  In this case, they are being more stubborn than the donkey on Family Guy.