Since its inception, the Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania has been on of the consistent draws on the card.  Every year, you are guaranteed to get some amazing spots, crazy falls, and an overall non-stop, action packed match.  What makes the match so unique are the multitude of performers involved in them and the fact that any one of them (usually mid-carders) have a chance to win the briefcase and basically get a guaranteed main event push.  Because of this stipulation, it is fun to speculate which midcarder will finally get his break and which will fall short.  While I won't be making my actual predictions until tomorrow, what I will do is give you a list from least likely to most likely to win the Money in the Bank briefcase.  Please do not think that the person at #1 on this list is my prediction to win.  That person is merely who I feel is the most likely to win.  Think of these as odds just like you would find in Las Vegas, except that I'm not gambling-savvy enough to actually calculate true odds.  Without further adieu, here's the list:

10. Kane - While he is the most experienced veteran of the bunch, that very fact makes him least likely to win.  I would actually have him at 0% chance of winning because he simply doesn't need the briefcase to get over and I believe he is in the match due to company loyalty and essentially just needed a place on the card. 

9. Evan Bourne - Let's be honest.  Evan Bourne is in this match because he can fly.  He will hit some high spots and probably hit his shooting star press off of a ladder and give the crowd a "Holy sh*t" moment, but at 180 pounds and having not have won a match in seemingly months, I'd pretty much guarantee Bourne won't win either.  I'd put his odds at less than 5 %. 

8. Jack Swagger - I'm sure some people would have him higher, but just because some fans are high on his wrestling ability doesn't mean the WWE is.  He still needs a lot of work in terms of being a character and selling a feud, so I can't buy anyone in the back supporting Swagger as a capable Money in the Bank holder.  Remember that EVERY winner has cashed in and become a champion.  Swagger simply isn't ready to become a champion yet. 

7.  Dolph Ziggler - Although he won his qualifying match over 2 guys who are certainly held in higher regard than he is, I can't buy Ziggler winning either.  I'd like to see him win a midcard title first as well, but I think he's closer at this point than Swagger, mostly because he has more of a grasp on his character and a cooler theme song.  Either way, both up and coming heels are not ready yet.  Could you honestly see Swagger or Ziggler cashing in the briefcase on Cena, Triple H, or even Edge?  Me neither.

6.  Shelton Benjamin - As much as I wanted to put Benjamin higher, I just couldn't do it.  I feel like he is at his best at the moment character-wise, but the men ranked higher just seem more credible at the moment.  Shelton will still put on a show and will battle Bourne for most high spots, but unfortunately, I still don't feel that it's his time.  He is closer than ever though, so instead of having no chance, he's been upgraded to "he's got an outside shot"

5.  MVP - This was a guy that one year ago would have been the proverbial favorite to win a match like this.  He was entertaining, pretty good on the mic, and could certainly sell a feud.  Unfortunately, I'm beginning to think he's a career midcarder.  After his failed push against Orton when he first came to Raw, he has been nothing more than an afterthought and was barely a credibly contender to Miz's U.S. Title, let alone one of the world titles.  Some say he would have a chance as a heel.  I'd agree, but I honestly think at this point, he's a career midcarder.

4.  Kofi Kingston - I wanted to put him higher and I honestly think he has a great chance at winning, but the three above him have better odds.  It is close, however, and I think Kingston is on the verge of success.  Although his feud with Orton wasn't perfect, he proved he could hang with a main eventer.  I'd still like for him to get more mic time and develop a real character, but I could buy Kingston winning this match, and the story of him seemingly not getting in to eventual winner would be a pretty good one. 

3.  Drew McIntyre - I have heard that some backstage feel he is the favorite to win the briefcase, but I'm not so sure yet.  While he has the look, presence, and entrance of a champion, I think his push might be a little too fast.  He's currently IC champ and that's a good place to be.  While I like him to be a future champion, booking him to lose cleanly twice to even get into the match and then have him win it would be bad booking regardless of the losses "being stricken from the record".  The fact remains that he lost cleanly to two other competitors in the match, so him getting a shot at the title before those men is just utterly ridiculous in my opinion.  However, the WWE is really high on the guy, so you have to like his chances. 

2.  Matt Hardy - I'm sure most people have him a lot lower on the list, but he belongs in the top 3.  He's one of the most experienced in the match, had a great singles match at Wrestlemania last year with his brother who was a former champion, and hasn't had a true shot at the top in his entire tenure.  Perhaps more importantly though, his brother is now working for the "other wrestling company" along with fellow North Carolinian Shannon Moore and perhaps soon to be Greg Helms.  Those 3 along with Hardy were known to travel and hang out together, and Matt being alone in WWE is reason enough to fear him jumping ship.  This could mean a Hardy Boyz reunion in TNA and the WWE does NOT want that.  A great way to keep the sensei of Mattitude right where he's at is to give him the briefcase and perhaps his first World title.  I do believe he deserves it, but I could see the reasoning being more about catering to someone they perceive as considering leaving than anything else. 

1.  Christian - This guy has to be the favorite.  He held ECW gold seemingly forever, he is insanely over with the crowd, and is trusted to work with absolutely anyone.  Unfortunately, there's rumors such as "Vince has never liked Christian due to not being big enough" and "Management holds a grudge against Christian due to him being one of the first to jump ship to TNA".  These might be valid, but I dont' think you can continue to keep the title off the guy when he has all the tools to be a star and has the crowd backing him.  To me, it's inevitable that Christian wins a World title at some point, and that fact may be what keeps him from winning the briefcase.  Of course, actually winning it could be the quick ticket to getting Christian to the top.  I could see a scenario where Christian wins the briefcase early in the night, Edge beats Jericho, Batista beats Cena, then Christian cashes in the briefcase on a tired Batista and winning the title.  Imagine a scene like Wrestlemania 20 where Edge comes out and celebrates with his former tag team partner as confetti falls down.  It would be a nice ending to an epic Wrestlemania, and I do believe that the odds are towards something like this happening.  Check back tomorrow though for my actual predictions for all the Wrestlemania matches.