For weeks, wrestling news sites and blogs covered the antics of Matt (or Matthew as he likes to call himself now apparently) Hardy.  In that time, his frequent crazy stunts became the status quo, as if he were the Lindsay Lohan of wrestling.  Of course, the presence of drugs in Hardy's antics are purely speculative, but this is a guy that has clearly been off of his rocker. 

If you haven't been following, let me recap:

-Hardy gets sent home from a European House show for being uncooperative and refusing to work through minor injuries.

-Hardy responds by saying that he wasn't sent home because he was still in England, not in North Carolina.  Yes, he actually said that. 

-Hardy engaged in a cyber battle with Paul London.

-Weird tweets and youtube videos became the norm as the sent home Hardy seemingly had nothing better to do than think of ways to be weirder. 

As time moved on, it seemed like the WWE might have been holding Matt back from getting his release in fear that a Hardy Boyz reunion in TNA might help that company's struggling business.  Of course, Sunday came and Matt's brother Jeff did the "unthinkable" and joined Hogoff (remember, rehashing the one idea youv'e ever had only confirms that those two idiots clearly share 1 brain) in "They".  Of course, the elder Hardy was quick to post about this turn of events, since he has become so dillusional that he still wants to try and convince us that wrestling is real.  I'm sorry, but this facebook and twitter crap is actually setting the wrestling business back, not moving it forward in cases like this!

Anyway, Impact airs last night where Jeff reveals his new character, channeling his inner Raven.  He is apparently looking to channel an overrated Independent worker that never drew a time, but I digress.  He is now officially entrenched as the guy holding the beld for the old guys who took over the company, which is the biggest story to hit the TNA airwaves ever (so they say).  Coming on the heels of this major turn in programming, Matt Hardy was finally given his release from the WWE this afternoon. 

Yes, all the speculation is now over and Matt Hardy is a free man.  Come 90 days from now, there's a good chance that he will be employed by TNA, coming in to challenge his brother, only to reveal that blood runs thicker than water.  This should successfully bring the member count of "The Immortals/Fortune" to 45 by then, with like 2 left to oppose it. 

What I find most interesting though is the timing.  There are some that would see Matt and Jeff's inevitably feud or alliance as compelling television over at TNA, though I am not one of them.  Even still, if there was fear of the Hardy Boyz reuniting, why release Matt now when the value of one brother just went considerably up in TNA?  I'll tell you why.  WWE does not give a shit!

This move shows that they clearly do not care what TNA does.  Heck, I wouldn't either if I was WWE.  Merely watching TNA programming would tell you that this company is nowhere near a threat to the WWE and Matt Hardy certainly isn't going to change things.  I mean, was he EVER a game changer in the WWE?

Hardy will take the next 90 days to re-open OMEGA, get it going, and then give it to TNA to use as developmental territory.  This will give Matt added value to the company.......or protect his ass when he is revealed to be bland and uninteresting and they don't want to use him.  I'm half kidding, because a developmental system is a good idea for TNA...........if they realize that it's a good idea to build stars.  If Matt decides to get off the crazy pills he's been on, he could be a real asset as someone to train younger talent. 

I used to be a big Matt Hardy supporter, as he was always the sane and sober one to Jeff's crazy, drug filled antics.  However, Matt has gone down the same road and was causing problems within WWE.  His release was a long time coming and I believe it's best for  both parties.  Maybe Matt will revive his career in TNA.  Of course, if a Matt Hardy push is at the expense of guys like Jay Lethal, Pope, A.J. Styles, and other young talents, I would personally be mad, but if he goes into the company without this crazy streak, he could be an asset.  He obviously has been around a long time and can be a mentor to young talent. 

By no means is this a game changing release, but it is a necessary one.  This is like a married couple finally getting a divorce after years of fighting.  It was inevitable, and hopefully the split leads to happiness for both parties.