After months of bitterness, campaigning, boldface lies and accusations, character attacks, and questioning the past of candidates, it became abundantly clear that the Linda McMahon/Richard Blumenthal Senate race was, well, typical. 

Despite the "outsider" nature of Linda's campaign and her unique background as former WWE CEO, only the nature of the attacks changed.  Heck, Republican Christine O'Donnell may have faced worse ridicule during this election season due to her proclamation saying "i'm not a witch" and her past anti-masturbatory campaign.  Yes, you can't make this stuff up. 

All Linda McMahon had to deal with was the past of her company, spanning of course from lewd programming in the late 90's and early 2000's to the premature deaths of former employees over the past 10 years.  Unfortunately for the bright woman with a tangible plan, her past career and the democratic tendencies of Connecticut proved too much of an uphill battle.  McMahon lost her election last night, ending her dreams of becoming a United States Senator.   Or did they?

While it would seem the logical thing to do for Mrs. McMahon would be to return to her position atop the WWE food chain, she may have other ideas.  Reports have surfaced that McMahon is not in a rush to return to the WWE since the company "moves too fast" and it's not easy to just jump back into things.  Plus, some have found that she may be interested in Joe Lieberman's seat that comes up for election in 2012. 

While McMahon's aspirations may not have died down, I'd recommend against this move for her.  As a republican, she'd be running against an Independant incumbant who has moved from the Democratic side to the midddle with Republican tendencies.  For a strong Republican candidate to run, it could possibly split the vote between Lieberman and McMahon, giving whatever Democrat that steps up the advantage in that election.  Whether McMahon is a strong candidate in two years is debateable, but even if she is, it would be near impossible to win that seat unless Lieberman retires.  If that happens, we have a very different story. 

So where does this leave WWE?  If Linda decides to end her run in politics, does this affect the company in any way? 

I'm pretty sure there will be no visible and tangible changes to WWE as a company and its programming.  While some were clamoring for a McMahon loss in hopes that the death of political aspirations would mean a rebirth in risque programming, these vile individuals will have to continue to wait. 

What many fail to realize is that the WWE's move BACK to TV-PG programming (yes, the company had a PG rating for its programming until 1997, look it up) was due to the cyclical nature of the business and due to advertisers.  It had very little to do with Linda's Senate run to begin with.

However, I will not dwell on the nature of the programming as this is an article about Linda McMahon's failed Senate campaign.  I will say that Mrs. McMahon was about the only McMahon that could run for political office and be taken seriously, and I do believe she accomplished that.  I wish her congratulations on putting up a good fight, but unfortunately for her, she fell short of her dreams. 

Again though, that doesn't mean blood, violence, and boobies will be returning to WWE TV any time soon.  What is needed is quality storytelling and that is in no way contingent on the rating of a television program.  It is also not contingent on whether a former employee runs for political office, thus I recommend stopping with the cliches of "PG sucks" and "it's all Linda's fault".  It doesn't and it's not.  If you are still hung up on 1999, go on youtube and watch some Limp Bizkit and then watch the old WWF you so crave.  Either that or just get with the times!