Anyone who watched wrestling during the Attitude Era knows Good ole' JR.  The man who invented the word "slobberknocker" and became infamous for yelling "STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE COLD!" is a legend among legends in the realm of wrestlng broadcasters.  However, he has been conspicuously absent from the public since last summer when he suffered from another bout with Bell's Palsy.  He has been fighting the disease, which debilitates the facial muscles, for over 10 years, but this attack kept him out of action.  Combine that with WWE's effort to move forward with their talent pool, and you have a formula for leaving Mr. Ross away from the announce table. 

Enter TNA.  Word is that Jim Ross has met with TNA officials within the last 24 hours.  TNA is looking to "shake things up" in regards to their talent, and who better than JR to assess what they have and bring an incredible wrestling mind to the company.  Keep in mind that Jim Ross has served in numerous capacities within WWE and WCW including talent relations, so he is an asset to any company regardless of whether he is calling a match.  So the question is, will he be leaving WWE to go to TNA?

If you had to ask me, I'd say a resounding NO.  Ross himself has warned on his website,, that we shouldn't jump the gun and make assumptions about him.  I tend to believe the man himself, as he has been forthright about everything through that site.  I do, however, believe he took the meeting, but not because he is truly interested in working for TNA.  Ross has been quite outspoken on his blog about TNA not being major league ready so to speak, and I think TNA would literally have to blow him away financially to even have a chance to sign him.  Since TNA can't possibly have that type of money, I wouldn't hold my breath on seeing Jim Ross with TNA.  My guess is, Ross took the meeting to gain leverage on the WWE.  Ross is interested in working in many outlets, from MMA to perhaps football, Ross could use his vocal talents in many avenues.  However, his wrestling knowledge supercedes his gift of gab, and he is still, at this moment, a contracted employee to the WWE.  However, his contract expires April 30 and contract negotations haven't been easy.  Ross has been very loyal to the WWE and seems to want to get a deal done, but the WWE hasn't been quick to oblige.  That is why I speculate that Ross took his TNA meeting.  By showing that there is a market for himself, perhaps WWE will feel the pressure to get a deal done with Ross.

As a WWE fan, I cannot imagine Ross in TNA.  Of course, Ross would be a significant upgrade over either Mike Tenay or Taz at the broadcast table, and I believe Ross having some pull backstage would help TNA greatly, but Ross seems to have a true bond the the WWE and even if he never returns to the table on a full time basis, he can work on so many different projects to benefit the WWE.  I think the key to getting a deal done with WWE will be the ability for Ross to work outside the realm of wrestling on side projects he so chooses.  As long as those side projects don't take away from WWE's market share, I can't imagine this being a major issue, so I would expect that by April 30, Jim Ross will have a brand new contract with the WWE.  The TNA rumors are fun to float around and speculate about, but this has about as much chance of happening as John Cena going to TNA.  Don't bet the house on this one.