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It has finally come.  After months of allusion, months of promotion, and months of anticipation, the biggest night in TNA history is finally here.  I very rarely write about TNA, as we have Kravit usually handling those reigns, but these thoughts had to be made public. 

Much of the speculation in regards to Bound for Glory tonight revolves around 2 stories: who are "they" that Abyss has referred to, and the "deception" that Sting has talked about.  If you want to believe all the "sources" flying around that believe they have an idea of where these stories wil go, they are perhaps intertwined by the two men that were supposed to be the saviors of the company. 

However, one of those two men is Hulk Hogan.  If you haven't watched any of TNA lately or don't keep up with TMZ, you might be unaware that the Hulkster's back has been in worse shape than Jack Nicholson's pecs.  Multiple surgeries over the past 18 months have severely hampered the wrestling legend, to the point where his "drawing power" has been reduced to sporadic appearances as an on-air GM of sorts for TNA. 

When he signed with TNA, Hogan planned on performing in that role while occasionally donning the tights for some "dream matches".  Injuries have derailed those plans, but they may not derail the worst idea in the history of wrestling. 

That's right, those ominous numbers, the prophecies, the vague innuendo.  It all may STILL lead to the Hulkster being the root of all evil.


I can see it now.  Fourteen years later, the same city where it happened first, Hogan goes bad again.  He is revealed as part of "they" and the "deception" Sting spoke of was Hogan all along.  The evil within Sting was justified, while the evil in Hogan is revealed.  It all sounds nice, but let's take a step back. 

Didn't I just spend the first part of this article speaking of Hogan's injuries?  That's nothing compared to how much time Eric Bischoff has spent tweeting about it.  Every other tweet seems to be saying "get well Hulk after another surgery".  It would seem pretty obvious that his man is in a ton of pain.

If it wasn't obvious, cue Thursday's live Impact, where the Hulkster was shown in a hospital bed, unable to move without feeling enormous amounts of pain.  Unfortunately, I don't believe this video to be shown to garner sympathy for the Hulkster. 

Keep in mind that Hogan came into TNA with Eric Bischoff, the man of one idea.  That idea (which to his credit DID work for a period of time) was the nWo, with Hogan turning heel as the key component to its success.  Let's take a look back at how that happened:

Hogan is out for a period of time.  His buddies are under attack by bad guys with an ominous agenda to "take over".  Hogan returns to the delight of the crowd only to turn on the good guys and align himself with the bad ones. 

The story is set up perfectly for history to repeat itself tonight, but that is the last thing that should happen. 

For one thing, if Hogan does indeed show up tonight, I will have lost every ounce of respect for Eric Bischoff, Dixie Carter, TNA creative, and anyone else that thought it was a good idea to use real life health problems as a way to "work" us.  If that is the case, and Hogan walks out to the ring to either wrestle or cause a commotion, I may have to fly to Orlando myself to have it out with Eric Bischoff.

To go out of your way to tweet about Hulk's health, only to use it to further a story is not distateful, it is downright despicable.  Perhaps the story originally called for Hulk's involvement, either as a babyface or in a heel turning capacity, but anyone with a pulse should realize that the man needs to stay away.  However, if that is a lie, and Bischoff made up Hulk's recent surgery just to foil the wrestling audience, there is no forgiving this man. 

Now, I've never respected Bischoff much in the first place.  He's a piece of garbage salesman who lucked his way to the top and thanks to one good idea, stayed there despite being sleazier than anyone before or after him.  With that said, this would be a new low for him.  He needs to realize that it's only wrestling, and real health concerns aren't something to use as fodder.  Plus, using twitter to further storylines is pretty dumb.  Then again, TNA has proven time and time again that they aren't very good at using TV to do so, so why not? 

I'll tell you why not.  A lot of people will watch wrestling programming on a weekly basis.  Most of them won't go to the wrestling news sites and/or check wrestler twitters to find out what else is going on.  The entire story should be told on weekly TV and on Pay Per Views.  If your writing team isn't capable of that, they ought to find new jobs. 

Then again, the TNA audience is mostly marks anyway, so this strategy probably works for them, given that the Hogan/Bischoff era hasn't grown the audience one bit.  So logically, working the minimal audience you have at the risk of a man's health is the way to go.  Whether he is able to walk out there tonight or not, we know Hogan is not in good shape, so why risk it?

Let's also look at this from a booking perspective.  If Hogan appears as the third man with Joe and Jarrett and doesn't turn, it would be acceptable.  If he turns though and is revealed as "they", it will be the most nonsensical piece of booking in wrestling history.  Hornswoggle McMahon has nothing on this!

At least Hornswoggle as McMahon's son didn't lack logic.  Anyone on the roster could have been revealed as the son, and Mr. Kennedy (Anderson to you TNA fans) blew his chance at that push.  In this case, Hogan and Bischoff as "they" would be the most assinine booking in history. 

Remember when Abyss turned heel?  It was a few months ago, and the Impact after a PPV, Abyss went nuts on Hogan and Bischoff, professing that "they" would come and Hogan, Bischoff, and Dixie would be no more.  He even went so far as to shove Hogan's hall of fame ring down Hogan's throat.  The whole heel turn was based upon an entity revealed as "they" controlling Abyss and making him turn on his friend Hulk Hogan. 

So if the entire turn and creation of "they" was contingent on Abyss turning on Hogan, how could Hogan be part of "they"?  Anyone with a brain can see that this already makes no sense.  However, this looks like the way things are going.  "They" will be revealed tonight, and unless "they" actually do have power by the end of the night, Abyss will be gone from TNA.  Since no one expects that to actually happen, you have to figure "they" already have some power. 

Most think that Bischoff will be part of it, given the fact that he is the scum of the earth and that he got Dixie to sign Abyss' termination papers, which may in fact be papers signaling her demise.  I have no problem with this, but leave Hogan out of it!  Bischoff is a piece of garbage, so let him act as such.  Hogan need not be involved here, as  doing so will ruin all credibility of the TNA writing team, as if they were so highly regarded to begin with. 

The best way to go with everything is for Bound for Glory to begin at 8 and end at 11 without Hulk Hogan making an appearance.  Let him enjoy the show from his bed with his young fiance by his side. 

In so many ways, it seems inevitable that this won't happen though, but forever the optimist, I will hold out hope that for once, TNA does the right thing.  Keep Daytona Beach 1996 in the past, don't try to recreate it, and leave Hogan at home!