First off, I want to apologize for the publish date.  It's been quite a long week, and writing this is most certainly therapeutic.  To be honest, wrestling has always been my escape from reality. and when the show is good like it has been, it's an escape to a wonderful, wonderful place. 

This week saw an excellent opening and a shocking conclusion.  In the middle brought break ups, announcements, debuts, and even new champions!  The streak of really good Raws continues, but let's find out who was HOT and who was NOT this week:


1. Santino Marella and Vladimir Koslov - When these two were first put together, it was thought that they'd be used as comedy jobbers to put up and coming tag teams over.  Things change when you are more over with the crowd than 95 percent of the roster though, and WWE took notice.  Though it takes away the only titles Nexus has ever known, no one could be more deserving than this team at this point.  If Too Cool could be champions, why not Santino and Koslov?  They have been entertaining as anything, and I haven't heard the crowd pop for moves the way they pop for Santino's arsenal in a long, long time.  I don't know what the future holds for this team, but for now, they are quite the entertaining duo and very deserving as Tag Team Champions. 

2. Tyson Kidd - I didn't expect to see him here either.  Heck, when he left DH Smith, it seemed like a stupid move given his diminutive stature.  However, adding that monster of a bodyguard was a great move for the young grappler, and the combination of that monster with Kidd's excellent ring skills should land him a lot of victories. I'm not sure where it leaves DH Smith, but he has size so he should be ok.  Kidd is now a legit midcard contender with this man.  Dare I say Diesel and HBK?  I'm not sure Kidd is anywhere near HBK in the charisma department, but if he can get half as over with the crowd, this could be the start of a great singles career for Tyson Kidd.  I do recommend, however, that he loses that stupid piece of hair in the front.  Man does that thing look dumb!

3. Daniel Bryan - This spot could have gone to a lot of people, but I'm put Daniel Bryan here for the jealousy many must feel towards him.  He has twins fighting over him!  How many have dreamt about that?  This may lead to a Bella twin feud, but at this point, wouldn't you like to be Daniel Bryan?  I would!  Thus, I have to put him here over others out of sheer and utter jealousy. 

Honorable Mention - John Morrison/Sheamus - I do want to talk about this feud though.  It's been great.  Obviously we all thought that winning King of the Ring would lead Sheamus to feud with the King of Kings, Triple H.  Before that can happen though, he must finish up with Morrison.  This isn't a hinderance though, as they have had fantastic matches together and this week's segment may have been their best.  Sheamus makes a real Celtic royalty reference which only history nerds like me got, but the fact that he used his heritage in a promo was awesome.  I love how he draws upon it to create a wrestling character.  Then, Morrison came out and didn't totally suck.  He reminded us that the series is tied and thus, we need the rubber match.  No complaints here, and hopefully we get a great bout at TLC.  Should be a fun one and I think I can safely say that Morrison is finally making people somewhat care about him. 


1. Wade Barrett - This week's "It sucks to be me" winner is Wade Barrett.  The group he created has been under siege by a renegade John Cena, and they've had enough.  At the end of Raw, Nexus gave Barrett the ultimadum: hire back Cena or get kicked out of Nexus.  Sounds like a lose/lose situation for Barrett, but who knows.  For all we know, he could wiggle out of this and come out the winner.  It's not looking good though, and right now, it sucks to be Barrett and be put in position to make this decision. 

2. Ted Dibiase - Another person it sucks to be this week is Ted Dibiase.  Much like the high school football player who gets dumped by his cheerleader girlfriend for the college guy, Dibiase was dumped this week by the sultry Maryse.  Maybe it'll give him the anger he needs to obtain real gold, but at this moment, it must suck to get dumped by a very sexy woman.  I know the feeling, as I got kicked to the curb just two days ago at the mall.  Sure, it was because I snubbed the Israeli woman selling face cream, but I'm pretty sure I got the same hand gesture Maryse gave out.  I'd still take Maryse over her though.  Unfortunately for Ted, he no longer has that luxury.  Let's see where he goes from here.

3. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater - This could also be Husky Harris as he got taken out just before his favorite activity, eating.  That said, I think it's worse to lose your first WWE belts than lose some eating time.  Husky might argue, but he'd be wrong.  Cena cost Slater and Gabriel the Tag Titles and they are now two goofy looking, title-less Nexus members.  Gabriel still looks ridiculous with the beard and can no longer back it up with "I can look stupid, I'm a champion".  These two may not see gold again for a while, but time will tell.  Is Nexus crumbling?  I'm excited to find out next week.

The WWE has been doing something that they used to do in the famed "attitude era".  Their television has left us each week with a cliffhanger.  This makes us want to tune in the next week to find out the answers and is a great way to run your televsion program.  This week's question is "will Barrett hire back John Cena or be kicked out of Nexus"?  Outside the main question, there are also a lot of questions as to where certain relationships are going and who the heck that gigantic man is with Tyson Kidd.  We have a lot of reasons to continue to watch, and I will most certainly do so.  Granted, I cover the thing and watch even when it's bad, but my readers should take my advice and jump on the train while it's still catchable.  As we move closer to Wrestlemania, programming should only get better, so hop on now!  We're in for a great ride!