Cue the double decker buses and random phone booths on stage, Raw has returned to England! 

Always full of cliches and stereotypes, this trip across the pond is always a fun one for the WWE.  This time though, their number one contender is the British born Wade Barrett.  This would seem to be a prime attraction, but the former bare knuckle fighter is perhaps the most hated man in the WWE.  Would that change as he returned home? 

More importantly, was his performance HOT?  The list this week may surprise you, as one man truly stole the show, while another is on the brink of losing everything.  Who are they?  Keep reading and you will find out.


1. Santino Marella - This man absolutely stole the show.  His tea party segment was an absolute hit and he showed that he really has incredible comedic sense when given a chance to show it.  It's a shame that his character has become such a joke that such comedy segments can't lead to epic confrontations in the ring.  He is merely fodder for John Morrison and sheamus' impending feud, but imagine if he didn't have to look like a wuss!  Then again, his cowardice might be what makes his segments work.  Either way, he's the best thing the WWE has going from a comedic standpoint, and I'm someone who can appreciate a little comedy in my wrestling show, so kudos on this segment and I hope we see more like it!

2. Wade Barrett - It takes a special talent to get legitimate heat in your home country, but Barrett did just that.  He really is a special kind of heel, as English is always friendly to their own.  However, Barrett did a great job in his role on this night, and convincing the home crowd that he's truly terrible is quite impressive in my book.  Plus, I really like the different dynamics he has with people.  He is truly a natural, and I love how he has at least 3 stories revolving around him (Randy Orton and his title, John Cena, and the tension with David Otunga).  The WWE has really put their trust in him and he has delivered in every discernible way.  This man is going to be a force to be reckoned with for a long, long time.  However, he will probably have to deal with......

3. The Miz - I was tempted to put Koslov here as he got his own chant for the first time ever, but Miz did something brash and I respect that.  He took a shot at Randy Orton and screwed his team over.  Yea, it was probably expected, but the execution was perfect and so was the timing.  With a couple of weeks until Survivor Series, is it possible that after all the hoopla with Wade Barrett and John Cena plays out, The Miz will be the one walking out of SS as champion?  Picture it: Cena counts it for Barrett who gets his hand raised as champ by Cena.  Then Cena gives him the Attitude Adjustment and starts absolutely brutalizing Barrett.  Nexus comes out to fight off Cena, while Miz comes in, sees Barrett down, cashes in and becomes the new champ.  It's very possible, and we may just see it.  Time will tell. 


1. David Otunga - Based on performance, he should be on the HOT list, as he has been playing his role perfectly.  He even had a match with John Cena where he didn't botch anything so that was an improvement for him.  However, if you were to look at this from a "is it good to be David Otunga" angle, you'd agree that Monday night was not great for the "A-Lister".  He is on the brink of getting kicked out of the Nexus, and was embarassed multiple times on the same show by Nexus leader Wade Barrett.  You could see his unhappiness at the end as he hoisted Barrett onto his shoulder without a smile.  By next week, we could make him a permament fixture on the NOT list if he is indeed out of the Nexus.  Tune in to Smackdown on Friday to see if he can beat Edge and remain a part of the group. 

2. The Hart Dynasty - Are they breaking up or not?  I prefer they don't, as I see no real star power in either man as a singles competitor, but that may be the way they are going.  It's a shame, as those two could elevate the Nexus team if given the chance to have a few matches.  That can't happen if they are losing to the Usos though.  I hope that this tension is solved and they start to dominate after this.  It would be a unique turn as most teams just break up, and maybe it will give them relevancy again.  Perhaps Uncle Bret needs to talk sense into them the way he did his brother and brother-in-laws 13 years ago to start the Hart Foundation stable.  With or without Bret though, this team NEEDS to stay together because they will probably sink as singles competitors. 

3. The WWE bookers - No, I'm not going to argue who should have won a match or anything like that, but what a mess up with the Divas!  The crowd booed the faces because the WWE put them in Manchester United gear.  The thinking was that in Manchester England, United would go over well.  However, the area of their arena was Manchester City territory, so most of the fans were supporters of that club over United.  Oops!  As if it wasn't ad enough to have buses and telephone booths, messing up soccer club allegiences is a big no-no in England.  Perhaps a little research would help next time, instead of using the tiny thread of Premier League knowledge posessed by the entire crew.  It just seemed silly to garner boos for your face Divas because of a stupid misjudgment. 

With just one more week until Survivor Series, a few questions loom:

1. Will John Cena actually help Wade Barrett become champ?

2. Will David Otunga be a part of the Nexus at this time next week?

3. Will there be a survivor series match at Survivor Series?

4. Will other matches like Sheamus/Morrison and/or a tag title match be added to the card?

5. Will Vince McMahon awaken from his coma now that he doesn't have to follow his wife around and pretend people didn't used to kiss his white ass on screen?

Tune in next week to see if these questions and more are answered.