Remember yesterday when I used the "better late than never" excuse?  Yep, I'm using it again.

I know that Raw was on Monday and we sit here now just minutes before the Halloween weekend begins, but before you get yourself into that costume and off to the party, sit back, have a nice cup of hot cocoa, and read a little Mouth of the South Shore commentary. 

This installment of HOT or NOT focuses on the fallout from Bragging Rights.  If you remember, Daniel Bryan won his match over Dolph Ziggler, Raw lost their match to Smackdown, and John Cena got Randy Orton disqualified to give his Nexus brother Wade Barrett a big victory (sort of).  The latter topic is still the one most prevalant to the show, but did it make either performer HOT?  NOT?  Let's take a look:


1. Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris - Getting an official spot on Raw certainly earns you a spot on the hot list, especially when that spot is as a part of the most powerful group on the show.  These guys did exactly what the original Nexus did, they bullied their way onto a show.  Seems to be a perfect fit, though I do wonder how Wade Barrett has the authority to sign guys to a contract on the show.  Maybe I'm looking too deeply at this, but it is a good move as the Nexus gets large and powerful again.  Great week to be McGillicutty and Harris.

2. Santino Marella - I'm going to type this slowly as I don't think I'll ever do it again.  Santino BEAT Sheamus.  Yes, you read that right.  Granted, he did so with the help of John Morrison, but still.  It's a good week to be Santino when you get a win like that, regardless of how it happened.  Obviously this was done to start a Morrison/Sheamus feud, but Santino was the beneficiary of these actions with a big win.  Plus, his spaghetti song was kind of funny if you drop your guard.  People like this guy and it's not really a mystery why.  It's pretty good to be Santino right now............if you like transvestites coming onto you.........

3. Wade Barrett - He's #1 contender again, he has John Cena as the guest referee in his title match at Survivor Series, and this time Cena has to help him win the title or he's fired.  Cena actually has motivation to do so as if Barrett wins, Cena is removed from his duties in Nexus, so everything is lining up for Wade Barrett to become the new WWE champion.  Plus, he's a hell of an actor and character.  This guy is quickly becoming one of the best performers in the WWE.  I'm just glad I was able to pinpoint that ability while watching NXT Season 1.  It's a good thing WWE sees what I see. 


1. David Otunga - You could argue that Mr. Hudson's issues with Wade Barrett are good for his career, but being humiliated and told to lie down on national television a night after you won your first belts in WWE sucks.  Granted, he did absolutely nothing to earn those belts, but still.  The silver lining is that this no-talent wrestler may get some sort of feud with Barrett in the future, but for now, he had a pretty bad Monday. 

2. Melina - There were rumors that she pissed people off due to her poor ring work since her return from injury.  Clearly, rumors are reality.  The same duo that she faced upon return is the same duo that beat her in under a minute.  At least a Melina squash still means we get to see her entrance and that's a plus for us.  Unfortunately, Melina is NOT, at least for now. 

3. Sheamus - It was mentioned before, but I'll say it again.  This man, who as recently as 2 months ago was WWE champion, LOST to Santino Marella.  Again, we know that this is setting up future events, but if you are Sheamus, you go back to your hotel room, ungel your firey red hair, shower off that extraordinarily pale skin, and crawl under the covers knowing that your day consisted of getting pinned by Santino Marella.  That is never a good thing, and it lands the Celtic Firecrotch on this week's NOT list.

Luckily, there will be more than 1 more of these before the next Pay Per View, so we have a lot to look forward to.  Of course, if you are one of the NOT listers, it gives you all plenty of time to recapture the magic and remove yourself from the list.  Heck, it's only inevitable that Ted Dibiase butchers a line and takes his rightful place back on that list.  Time will tell.  Goodnight everybody!