Can someone explain to me this Jersey Shore thing? 

Seriously, why is this show that prides itself on bad decisions and debauchery such a hit? 

Perhaps some mysteries are better left unsolved, but the fact remains that Jersey Shore is one of the most popular shows on television.  The effects of it are so profound that the nobodies cast into roles on this reality show have become celebrities in their own right.  Not only that, their ridiculous lifestyles and terminologies have actually infiltrated real life to the point that fist pumping is popular, people are using the term "grenade" to talk about ugly women and sadly, even the Mouth of the South Shore has used a JS coined acronym in the title of this article.  This show is taking over the world!

Ok, let's not get carried away, but at the same time, this phenomenon has infiltrated the wrestling world.  If you remember correctly (and you should, one of these instances was literally last week!), TNA has brought in both Jenny "JWowww" Farley and Angelina Pivarnick from the show to draw attention to their product.  Both have been utilized in a physical role, with Farley engaging in a catfight with Cookie (a faux Snooki character) and Pivarnick doing the same with the Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky).  Never one to be outshined, the WWE has now taken the plunge into the Shore. 

It came out yesterday afternoon on TMZ that Snooki would be involved with Monday Night Raw next week.  Not wanting to jump the gun (and hoping it wasn't true!), I didn't post it until I got true confirmation of this development.  By last night, the news was not only on the WWE website, but was promoted heavily on last night's Raw broadcast.  Scenes of Snooki making out with girls, passing out, and drinking flooded the airwaves and told us that this pint sized ball of fun would indeed be on Raw next week as a guest star.  It was then that I sat stunned.

Don't get me wrong.  I completely understand the reasoning behind this move for WWE.  For some inexplicable reason, Snooki is one of the hottest celebrities these days, and the fame she has can and probably will bring in viewership.  Heck, I already told a friend of mine who is not a wrestling fan but watches Jersey Shore that this would be happening and she said this:

"No way!  You know what? I may have to watch that.  Remind me to on Monday."

This is exactly the type of reaction the WWE is looking for as it wants as much exposure as possible in the build to Wrestlemania.  The more people who watch the shows leading in, the more people who could potentially buy the show when it airs. 

It's clear that this is a solid business move which pure wrestling fans will hate.  We need to understand the reasoning though, as it is obviously being done for a reason.  Still, one question remains: was this move a slap in the face to TNA?

Some are speculating that WWE has made this move in light of TNA using JWoww and Angelina, citing WWE's inability to get Sting and being "one-upped" by TNA in that regard as reasoning to "return the favor" by getting the bigger Jersey Shore star.  Normally, I don't think much of these conspiracy theories, but this one might have some merit.  While I don't think WWE feels that it was "one-upped", TNA carries itself as though it did one-up the larger competitor.  Vince McMahon, always a proud made with an inflated ego could very easily see this, decide to flex his muscles, and one-up TNA by getting a bigger star than they could to "stick it" to them in a very minor way.  I do think this also benefits them monetarily, but there may be an alterior motive at play as well.

I went to bed last night hoping to awaken today to realize that Snooki and WWE was just a bad dream.  It was not.  It is the reality that WWE fans will have to face this coming Monday on Raw.  Let's just hope her appearance is much like her stature, short.