There are times that I walk around with my chest out, shoulders back, chin raised, and a smile on my face.  This is not one of those times.

Usually, I'm pretty proud of the country I live in, and I wake up feeling blessed every single day.  Sometimes though, things happen that just leave you shaking your head. 

It's pretty common knowledge at this point that Linda McMahon stepped down as CEO of Titan Sports/World Wrestling Entertainment over a year ago to run for the Senate.  Perhaps considered a longshot at the beginning, McMahon used her family's immense wealth to outspend other candidates and eventually gain the Republican nomination.  Now matched up with Democratic candidate Richard Blumenthal, McMahon has a real chance to become a senator despite a projected defecit going into election day. 

Linda's focus since day one of her campaign has been jobs.  With her experience in growing a company and creating jobs as new divisions and projects are started by the WWE all the time, Linda feels that she can use a position in government to help Connecticut create jobs and fix their economy.  Noble for sure, but the opposing campaign has spenty plenty of time (as expected) lambasting Linda's background in wrestling. 

All's fair in love and politics, but what happens when news of the campaign goes from bitter to absolutely ridiculous?

That is what happened a couple of weeks ago when the state of Connecticut ruled that those wearing WWE merchandise would be banned from the polling place.  In the words of The Miz, "really? really?"

To anyone who took 7th grade American History, it would be pretty obvious that this ruling was a blatant violation of the first amendment.  That large percentage of the population probably wasn't be the least bit surprised when this ruling was quickly challenged by the WWE. 

About the only justification that Connecticut thought it had was that campaign paraphernalia is illegal at polling stations and with Linda McMahon formerly working for WWE, wearing WWE merchandise in their minds was campaign clothing.  Under this logic, the 2000 and 2004 elections should have banned Texas Ranger merchandise due to candidate George W. Bush's former association with the ballclub.  Yes, it's that ridiculous. 

The law agreed as well, and as quickly as this ludicrous rule was made, it was rescinded.  In response, Vince McMahon proudly stated that he would wear WWE gear when he went to vote on Tuesday.  Amen!

Of course, in typical Vince McMahon fashion, he couldn't just stop there.  Though most would think that he already won, McMahon has to go above and beyond, to the point where many would turn on the vivacious WWE owner.  This time was no exception.

The start of the "stand up for WWE" was just fine.  It was put forth to try and change the popular culture perception of WWE as a heartless carny corporation that works its performers to death.  Whle this campaign pushed the positive aspects of the company, such as living out lifelong dreams, doing charity work, and the friendly work atmosphere, the ad could not hide the actions to follow. 

First was the promise to give out WWE merchandise at select polling stations.  Quite juvenile as a way to "get back at the man", the idea was dropped just today after the U.S. Department of Justice Threatened to intervene.  A simple solution, but this was not the end for the high school minded McMahon. 

Tonight on Raw, Vince McMahon, along with Freddie Prinze Jr., daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Triple H (voice only), appeared in a sketch aimed squarely at the political world.  In this sketch, the WWE owner wakes up from a coma (that he was in on screen due to an attack from Nexus) and is shocked to find out all the things going on in his company.  However, the thing that shocked him most was how much his wife spent on her campaign.  As McMahon pulls off his sheets, tons of Linda for Senate stickers can see on his hospital gown.  While this would be illegal as its blatant advertisement for one candidate, the clever, shrewd McMahon included a Blumenthal ad..............on his butt.  Yes, McMahon faked digestive issues to reveal a Blumenthal sticker covering his bottom.  Clearly, this candidate is not on equal footing with the other. 

The moral of this story is that adults act like children.  Seriously, it's hard to comprehend that this battle happened between the government and a billion dollar corporation owner.  These are the people the young generation strives to be?  It's sad, really.

I am glad that tomorrow is the election.  I was prepared to buy WWE merchandise just to wear it to the polls as a form of protest towards our stupid policy makers, but how can you defend a company that acts so childish?  While I commend the WWE for all the positive they do around the world, it's hard to ignore the fact that Vince McMahon at heart handles problems like a child.  Look no further than the Monday Night Wars, the booking conflict with the Denver Nuggets last year, and others to see that sophomoric humor and "one-upping" is the M.O. of this billionare.  It's a good thing the right McMahon is running for Senate............

Then again, at the end of the skit, Vince suggested he run for president.  I can only imagine the childish skits about the Middle East that would appear on WWE programming then............