So, Extreme Rules just ended, and if I could talk right now, I'd be doing Mouthing Off and raving about it.  Unfortunately, I have absolutely no voice, so this week's Mouthing Off is postponed until I have one.  However, if you caught the special edition of yesterday (and if you haven't, go watch it now!), you'd see that I made an effort to redeem myself with my Extreme Rules picks.  Now that it's over, I can safely say that my credibility is BACK!!  I will have an extensive, thorough review of the Pay Per View later on, but I wanted to get my initial thoughts out along with letting you know which matches I got wrong and which I got right. 

Show opened with Triple H/Sheamus........kind of.  Sheamus beat up Triple H backstage and I thought I was 1 for 1.  I wasn't......yet, but more on that later. 

The first official match was a gauntlet featuring ShoMiz against Truth and Wisdom, HenVP, and the Hart Dynasty with Bret Hart.  Since this match was unlisted, I had no pick, but once it started, I knew the Hart Dynasty would be last and would get the win on a beaten down ShoMiz.  This victory means the Hart Dynasty have a title shot at ShoMiz tomorrow AND Bret is still supposed to declare ShoMiz the greatest tag team in the world.  Should be interesting to see how that plays out. 

Awesome match between Rey and Punk.  I think it stole the show.  Punk won, making me 1 for 1 officially, and a new member, who no one could identify as he was wearing a hood, seemingly joined the Straight Edge Society.  I have a guess as to who it is, but that will be revealed in my detailed review. 

The strap match was better than I expected.  Shad debuted new trunks and music which was interesting, but he lost!  Now I'm 1-1, but honestly, I don't mind losing that match because  i really didn't care too much about it.  Nice old school psychology in it though, as JTG touched all the corners without Shad seeing so he snuck away a victory. 

Not a bad little match between Orton and Swagger.  After an interesting counter to avoid an RKO onto a chair, Swagger won hitting his Dr. Bomb onto the chair.  FINALLY, Swagger gets a big win.  Glad I picked that one, and I move to 2-1. 

Triple H actually came out to fight Sheamus and the match ended up being pretty good.  Great selling of his injuries by Triple H and wonderful face psychology by continuing to try and fight.  After 4 kicks to the head, Sheamus wins and puts me at 3-1. 

Extreme Makeover match ended up a lot better than I expected.  Some vicious shots with an ironing board in each competitor, but eventually Beth hit the Glam Slam to become new champion.  This was a tough one, but I went with Beth and I'm glad I did.  Up to 80 percent success at 4-1.

Edge/Jericho was great as expected.  The cage added a fun element, and even though it looked like I lost as Jericho could have easily walked out of the cage, he came back and fought like an idiot and ended up taking a Spear for the loss.  I prefer cage matches that end outside the cage, but I'll take the win for 5-1. 

Main event was definitely worth its status.  Some cool spots and a lot of brawling, the match actually ended with a spot never seen before!  The good news is, it ended with Cena getting the win, pushing me to a very solid 6-1.  Stay tuned for the full review to get the scoop on the never before seen spot!

So I end the night with just 1 blip on the radar.  Damn JTG!  As it stands, my picks were a lot more successful tonight and I'm hoping and predicting that to be the standard from here on in.  Look for the full review within the next 24 hours as well as a Draft preview and results in some form or another. is going to be busy so check back often!