Well, I learned my lesson.  Instead of merely putting myself out there and taking a chance with my Wrestlemania picks, I boldly proclaimed that I would not be wrong.  I may have come off cocky, but I am humbled, and I'm the first to admit I was WAY, WAY OFF.  Now granted, this is not like picking the winner of a real sporting event in which the outcome is not predetermined, but I was still quite surprised at some of the results of the matches last night.  I will recap Wrestlemania fully at a later time, but for now, I just want to make a couple of comments about my picks.

-I started the night well, getting ShoMiz's victory along with Randy Orton's, but then it all came crashing down....

-I knew it would be tough to pick the Money in the Bank, but the guy who won was 8th most likely in my odds article.  That was the shock of the night for me, and I'm quite curious how Swagger will be booked now that he gets to carry around the briefcase.

-I'm not that surprised that Triple H went over.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that a clean Sheamus victory might be too soon, and Triple H did a great job making Sheamus look good in singles competition on the grand stage.  Given that Sheamus was in his first Wrestlemania, he's got plenty of time to get victories, but this certainly helped more than hindered his credibility

-While I wasn't surprised with Triple H's victory, I was very surprised that Mysterio won to say the least.  I figured that a Punk victory would lead to compelling television and Rey finally getting his revenge later, but I have to question where this angle can go now.  I'm sure too many people expected a Punk victory, leading to the booking change, but I fear that this outcome may have killed the feud.

-The outcome of the Bret/Vince match got me back in the win column, but the match itself was pretty lame.  It was cool to have all the Harts there, but it could have happened differently to have at least a little suspense.

-Very surprising to see Jericho retain.  The rumor was that Edge was going to win and McIntyre would cash in right then and there, but since Swagger got the briefcase and not McIntyre, that option was out and the heel retained.  At this point I knew that not only did I lose this match, but the other title match as well.

-I even lost the Divas match!  Granted I predicted it would be the pre-show match, but it went out in between title matches and featured the ugliest frog splash I've ever seen by Vickie Guerrero.  Given that her late husband perfected the move, I'm sure he was looking down getting a good laugh but wanted to show her how to do it better.  Of course, I'd rather she didn't hit the move and win so we could have avoided her horrible victory dance. 

-Once Jericho retained, you knew Cena was going over.  I hated it.  It had to happen because 2 heels weren't retaining at Wrestlemania, but I would rather Edge have been the face to go over.  It's not that I don't like Cena, I just felt Edge needed the boost as a new face and Batista needed the boost as a new heel.  Plus, these outcomes guaranteed I'd come in below .500 with my picks. 

-I finished up strong, correctly predicting the end of the storied career of the Heartbreak Kid.  Unfortunately, this is one I would have preferred to be wrong as a fan.  I've always enjoyed HBK's work and it's sad to see him go.  What a way to go though, as it was a fantastic match. 

Finally tally: 4 correct, 6 incorrect.  Not exactly the best way to earn credibility, but I think these results surprised even those who worked in the business.  Hell, I beat Lance Storm, who only corrected predicted 2 outcomes on the entire card.  However, I won't use the fact that I outpredicted a former wrestler as fuel for confidence.  I was humbled, and the WWE proved they can be unpredictable with outcomes even if the show lacked a certain unpredictability with outside factors.  Look for a lot more on Wrestlemania in the coming days, and expect my future Pay Per View predictions to be a lot more accurate!