Sports entertainment is all about controversy.  From Gorgeous George's controversial attire and mannerisms in the 40's and 50's to the art of deception used in today's soap opera of a product, wrestling has always made its money off of controversy.  So why not a little more?

Enter the "50 Greatest Superstars of All Time" DVD.  This DVD was made for the sole purpose of controversy and to say that it delivered would be an understatement. 

Disc one of the three disc set is devoted to the top 50 list.  As explained by Todd Grisham in the opening minutes (I get that he works for the WWE, but his delivery is monotonic and quite boring), the list is supposedly a compilation of votes by current WWE superstars.  Considering past admissions by certain superstars, it's clear that this is not a true compilation on that basis, but nonetheless, it's fun. 

I'm not going to go into who landed where, but I will say that it's pretty clear that working for TNA might affect your position on the list.  Still, there are a number of talents working for that organization that found their way onto it, as well as some McMahon pariahs that also got 3 minutes of fame with this DVD. 

As previously stated, Grisham narrates the DVD, stopping in every 5 superstars or so to give his uninspired, scripted input.  In between Grisham are highlight compilations of each superstar of on the list, with the same 4-5 WWE superstars talking about the impact of each man or woman.  It might have been interesting to see someone other than John Cena or the Miz talking about EVERY SINGLE SUPERSTAR!!  Seriously, couldn't each talent get to talk about at least one person?

The comments are all nice, and each superstar sounds like the greatest of all time based on them, but it begins to get repetitive.  I would have liked to have seen superstars that truly were influenced by certain men be the ones to talk about them.  For instance, let Miz talk in depth about Roddy Piper and let Edge talk about Hulk Hogan.  I know it's a WWE production, but the best DVDs they have produced are the ones that let the curtain down.  Showing us who the true influences are/were for today's performers would have been a much more honest portrayal.

With that all said, it's still a pretty good piece.  The list is definitely controversial in the order it's in, but that's the point.  It's a fun watch and definitely worth a couple of hours of your time, especially if you aren't familiar with talents that came earlier than the 80s. 

As far as the rest of the set, it is 2 discs of matches as usual.  In this case, since there isn't  a single star featured on the DVD, it's a compilation of really random matches.  Some are good and some are not so good.  This isn't the Ricky Steamboat DVD where you can compile the best matches of a stellar career.  You are talking about 50 competitors and picking 16 matches over 50 years.  It's not easy and the list is simply ok.  Dont' get too excited over the matches provided on this DVD. 

What you can get excited about is the first disc.  Maybe it's just me, but I always like "top" lists.  Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment and like controversy, but I think it's fun.  This one is no different, and I hope you guys go and pick up this DVD which came out just 2 days ago.  It'll be a fun watch and when you are done, feel free to find me to debate the list!