It was just over one year ago that Carlito was finally carving a role for himself after years in limbo.  With his brother on the main roster, the Colons made for an exciting tag team.  Of course, Carlito wasn't a fan of it, pushed for a break up, and got it, only to find that singles life was lonlier than Paris Hilton's bookshelf.  A year passed with neither Colon brother having anything more than cameos on any show, but finally, it seemed things were about to turn around.  The brothers appeared as henchmen, hired guns, for trust fund baby Ted Dibiase, and the role seemed to suit them.  With the tag team division devoid of quality heel teams, the Colons could have reinvented themselves in that role and challenged for the titles they unified just one year earlier.  However, as has been the theme of Carlito's career, it was not to be.

Earlier today it was revealed that Carlito failed a drug test and was subsequently fired.  While it was only his first failure, it was his refusal to enter a rehab/treatment program that got him the axe. Ultimately, when WWE asks you to attend treatment or rehab, there's not much choice involved.  Those who refuse more likely than not lose their jobs, as the late Umaga can attest to.  As far as Carlito goes, it is odd for him to have been asked to attend after only one failure, but one could assume that the Puerto Rican superstar's past comments and attitude had him on a thin leash to begin with, and this failure gave WWE reason to pull the plug.  It's a shame it happened just as creative finally had a good idea for the guy, but he made the bed he sleeps in and now is without a job. 

As far as future prospects, Carlito's father still runs a promotion in Puerto Rico, so you can expect him to appear there to maintain exposure and a paycheck.  In regards to other promotions, he has some name value, but I'm not sure he has star power enough to warrant a spot on the TNA roster that is about to be cut as it is.  A spot in Ring of Honor seems more likely and would be a great spot for the athletic young man to reclaim his passion for getting in the ring.  This is a guy that I think with a change in attitude could earn his way back to the WWE, especially if his brother remains employed.  Time will tell, but for now, Carlito is jobless and just another case of potential wasted at the moment.