Last night I had some very strong words for the way TNA played out the biggest angle in their short history.

Today, after reading a ton on the internet and taking the time to digest all that happened, I still feel just as strongly and I'm not sure there's anything that will change my mind on this one.  Before we get to the main event though, let's go over the entire show, just so you don't think I watched the last 10 minutes purely to fuel some anger-filled articles and shows.  Here goes:

-Opening contest was fun.  A bunch of high fliers flying around.  No psychology, but it got the crowd going.  I'm cool with that. 

-Mickie looked fantastic.  At least we have that going for us. 

-Knockouts match was ok.  It's easy to see why Angelina Love and Velvet Sky were never brought up to the main roster in WWE.

-Interesting decision to have Tara win, but I suppose it opens up more stories than anyone else.  I'm ok with it and the match was less than 10 minutes so that's always a plus with Knockouts wrestling. 

-Watching the EY/Jordan vs. Ink Inc. match, I said this many times "this is on TNA's version of Wrestlemania?" I know I know, there were Hardcore title defenses at Wrestlemania in the Attitude Era.  I never said I liked those either. 

-Lethal/Williams is pretty good, but the real story was after the match.

-The best booking of the night was "Shore" beating up Lethal.  It made sense, the promo made sense, and it could be a decent feud.  You know why it's good?  It's simple!  Shore thinks Lethal isn't tough like a good Jersey guy and he doesn't fit the Jersey style.  They don't believe he deserves the belt.  It creates a grudge, which will lead to some good matches.  That's the best type of wrestling booking.  Keep that in mind. 

-Abyss hypes THEY before his match, but THEY do not come for him. 

-So Abyss is the monster/muscle of this group, but he LOST to RVD?  Really?  Has he won ANYTHING since his heel turn?  I'm sorry, but anyone with a brain isn't taking this guy seriously at this point. 

-THEY are coming later.  Good to know they don't care about Abyss winning matches or being any help to whatever they are setting up. 

-In Abyss' defense, this match was about as good as you can expect from the fat mess.  Those who like guys going through barbed wire might have enjoyed this.  I do not so i really didn't.

-The handicap match ends when Jarrett leaves Joe to fend for himself.  Is anyone surprised?  This was the start to "oh no, they're really going this way, aren't they?"

-By the way, was there ever any point to that match?  I know they tie in with "deception", but the whole feud and their match was basically pointless. 

-Team 3D is retiring after they get one more match with the Motor City Machine Guns.  Good, go away!  At this point, these guys need to retire and go on "The Biggest Loser", because they just look fat and disgusting. 

-Fortune vs. EV 2.0 in Lethal Lockdown was a bad idea.  Too much going on to follow it all.  I will never enjoy matches like that.  In order to get a finish, you have to create an entirely unrealistic sequence of events. 

-Tommy Dreamer pins A.J. to give his team the victory.  Yes, you read that right. The PWI #1 wrestler in the world, and the man who 1 year ago was in the main event pinning Sting was pinned by Tommy Dreamer. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Good to see that TNA is going to push that homegrown talent!

-Where does Fortune go from here?  They are awful, haven't one ONE match since forming, and just lost to a bunch of washed up bingo hall wrestlers who never drew a dime.  This group should have been pushed to the moon, as all of the members are young enough to be the future of TNA.  Why would a company with Eric Bischoff involved want to create new stars though?

-So we made it to the main event.  Already, I have found the show to be a disappointment outside the opening contest and the Lethal/Williams/Shore stuff.  You already know that this ending did NOT save the show. 

-The match was prety good, though there was like 20 minutes left for it.  I wish it got a full half hour before the mess of an ending. 

-When Eric Bischoff came out, was anyone surprised?  ANYONE?

-I stand by what I said.  Hulk Hogan was absolutely unnecessary and he killed the whole thing.  Him taking forever to get out there because of his ego and needing to be involved made the whole thing unrealistic and ridiculous.  When has Angle or Anderson ever stayed down that long from simple wrestling moves?

-Jeff Hardy turning was a surprise, unless you were watching with me.  My boys and I said "you know, they haven't focused on Hardy at all with this match, which means he'll probably win".  If you understand wrestling and know your history, you could predict this.

-You especially could predict this when it played out EXACTLY like Bash at the Beach 1996, down to Hogan doing the Scott Hall pose and planted fans throwing garbage.  How do I know they were planted fans?  No one was thrown out!  At any sporting event, you are thrown out if you are seen throwing things at performers.  This was clearly an attempt to recreate 1996 and a pathetic one at that. 

-Just so everyone is clear, Jeff Hardy is the LEAST POPULAR of the 3 men in the match.  Both other men have popularity outside wrestling and either would have been better for the role.  The only reason Jeff was chosen is because he was least likely to turn.  That's a stupid reason to choose someone, because you aren't going to draw new fans just because you did something shocking.  Especially when that shock makes absolutely no logical sense. 

-I stand by what I said in that using Hogan's hospital footage to further a wrestling angle is absolutely pathetic.  He was unnecessary anyway, but just to "fool" people into thinking he wouldn't be there on Sunday, it's pathetic.  I know I write about it, but it's only wrestling.  If you need to go this deep just to fool some internet wrestling fans, you need to get a life.  Seriously. 

-Take a step back.  Let it sink in. After all those months, is this THEY reveal good enough?  If you say yes, you aren't thinking logically.  THEY were already there and this whole thing was ridiculous and unncessary.  Plus, you are probably still "shocked" about Hardy turning, but the rest of the players were incredibly obvious and there is very little good that can come of this. 

-Remember when I've said that Eric Bischoff is the man of one idea?  I stand by that, because this was the Bash at the Beach reveal to the exact execution, and he again needs the spotlight to ruin any chance of growing the company by pushing young stars.  This man is the dumbest in wrestling and has learned absolutely nothing in 15 years.  I feel sorry for him.  It sucks to have so much in common with the cowardly lion, "if I only had a brain!"

-Everyone is telling me "wait until they explain themselves".  I say it doesn't matter.  The explanation will leave out all the plot holes, hoping that people forget that this story makes no sense in so many ways.  They will piece it together and people will buy it, but I won't.  It will never actually make sense, because they threw too much out there for it to make sense. 

-Remember when I said earlier in this article that keeping it simple is often the best booking? Yea...............

-Fight me on this all you want, but THEY was not originally going to be this group.  It was going to be a group led by Paul Heyman.  That's why THEY was dropped for about a month or two before Abyss started saying it again.  Think about it. Abyss said it first because TNA was close to getting Heyman.  When he said no, they scrapped the story at first.  Then they decided to go with the "big heel turn" for all the guys, so THEY is back on.  I know some want to believe that it was this way from the get go, but it wasn't.  Plans in wrestling always change, and this is what they went with as PLAN B. 

-Anyone saying "Jeff came in when Hulk and Eric did and was part of it from the beginning" is just stupid.  I can't be nice about this.  First off, Jeff came in for one day, beat up Homicide, and left for 3 months.  Then he redebuted again.  If he was really "with them from the beginning", why would he leave?  And also, why did they need to hide him from being their friend?  The reason is that his involvement is new and you can find that out by doing a google search.  Jeff was added a couple of weeks ago.  Justify all you want, but reality is a real son of a gun to wrestling logic. 

-I can go on forever, but I'm going to stop now.  This is a major disappointment to close a pretty poor PPV to begin with.  I have a feeling we will look at this like Starrcade 1997, as the beginning of the demise of TNA.  Should make for a good chapter on a WWE produced DVD. 

I will tune in on Thursday because I am a glutton for punishment and I want to see TNA try and cover their asses.  I know they can't, but it will be fun to see them try.  The point remains that this story has so much wrong with it, from plot holes, to execution, to involving unneccesary outside elements, to isolating wrestlers from real life and "staying in character", to reusing old players for an old story that is has failure written all over it.  Once the luster of Jeff Hardy's turn wears off, people will see this for what it is.  It is another poor rehash, and a blatant one, that people will not buy.  I sincerely feel bad for Dixie Carter.  She trusted Eric Bischoff and he brought back the story that grew a company, but ultimately killed it.  I don't know why she wants to kill her company, but clearly, that's going to be the case.  I'm sorry, there's just no nice way to say it.  This is the beginning of the end. 

I have included a video of the renewal of the THEY story.  Even a couple of months ago, it's clear TNA had no clue where they were going with it.  Abyss promises that Dixie will be removed, as well as Hogan, Pope, JEFF HARDY, and others.  AND JEFF ATTACKS ABYSS!!  Please, tell me how this makes any freaking sense!