A few days ago, I asked everyone who they felt was the biggest Wrestlemania Snub.  A lot has changed since I first posed the question, and unfortunately for the sake of this article, the consensus "biggest snub" is now on the card, as Kofi Kingston is now the 10th competitor in the Money in the Bank competition.  This is obviously a great thing for Kofi, but for me, it eliminated most of the emails I received.  Thus, I will have to "settle" for merely presenting my 5 biggest snubs of the year. 

5. Mark Henry - While many would argue that Henry is not exciting, marketable, and had no storylines for months, the fact remains that Henry is one of the longest tenured WWE employees, having been with the company since 1996.  It would seem out of sheer loyalty that Henry would have been given a place on the card, but unfortunately for Henry, 14 years of service was not enough to earn a place on the big card.

4. Ezekiel Jackson - From last ever ECW champion to MIA, this guy has faded mighty fast.  It wasn't long ago that "Big Zeke" was given the ECW title and promo videos hyping his joining the Smackdown roster, but he never actually appeared.  This is a big dude with monster heel potential, but that potential will have to wait to be showcased at Wrestlemania until at least next year. 

3. Santino Marella - This is the proverbial "what?" superstar.  I'm sure plenty feel that it makes perfect sense to leave the comedic superstar off the card, but if you look at his past impact on Wrestlemania, it's clear to me that his brand of humor is a welcome addition to Wrestlemania and I'm hoping that, if nothing else, Marella steals 30 seconds of the show to exude his comedic excellence. 

2. Hart Dynasty - For the record, I don't love this team.  I suppose this can be attributed to the fact that I know basically nothing about them, but I'm incredibly surprised that in a weekend where Stu Hart will be inducted into the Hall of Fame and Bret Hart will be fighting the boss, the next generation of Harts were unable to latch on to the family legacy and gain a place on the card.  At the very least, why not add them to the tag titles match?  Does it really need to be a regular tag match?

1. The Entire Divas Division - As everyone knows by now, I have nothing but horrible things to say about the booking of the Divas division.  To go from Molly Holly's head shaving and Trish vs. Mickie at the big show to stupid ideas like "Bunnymania" is one thing, but to leave them completely off the card is completely another.  Even if 2-3 Divas were in a single match on the card, this would at least give Divas hope that each year, they could perform on the big night if the right stars were to align.  However, it seems that regardless of what they do and how talented they might be, WWE divas are more of an afterthought than they've ever been before and it's a real shame.


Agree? Disagree?  Think I'm completely out of line?  Let me know with comments!  I look forward to more and more interactions with my fans as time goes by.  Don't be afraid to leave a comment!