As a Florida Gator fan (and former student), I listened to a lot of criticism over the past week leading up to the Gators' first round NCAA tournament loss to BYU.  Many argued with me that Florida did not deserve to be in the tournament.  Concurrent with the belief that one team undeservedly gained a bid into the field of 65 is the belief that another team was unfairly left out of the field.  These "snubbed" teams are always a topic of conversation and perhaps garner them more attention than an inclusion and quick exit.  I'd like to take this idea and apply it to the WWE.

Wrestlemania is the WWE equivalent of the NCAA tournament (sort of), and every year it features top performers giving it their all to put on the best show of the year.  However, something nobody seems to talk about are the talents that get "snubbed".  With only 4 hours to showcase the best they have as well as special events, not every  contracted employee gets a chance to showcase themselves on the grandest stage of them all.  My question to you is WHICH WRESTLER GOT THE BIGGEST SNUB FOR WRESTLEMANIA 26?"  Please email me you responses or comment below.  I would prefer email as I would like to post the top emails in a response to this article.  We'll revisit this on Wednesday where I will give my "biggest snubs" and compare them to yours.

PLEASE EMAIL ME AT:            with your responses.  I can't wait to hear them.


MONDAY EDIT:  Kofi Kingston has qualified for Money in the Bank on Raw.  It is official and Kofi shoudl be stricken from the list of the snubbed..........thank g-d!