Before I say my little piece here, I have to address some lingering business.  For those of you anxiously sitting at the edge of your seat, slip on back and get comfortable.  There will be no "HOT or NOT" this week.

I know, it's a sad day.  However, with this week being the Slammy Awards, it was kind of difficult ot pick a top and bottom 3.  I figured it would be better to let the Slammy's stand on their own two feet as an entity and just wait until a regular show airs next week.  Still, I'll say that the Slammy's were much better this year than last year.  I still think it would be hilarious to bring back the actual award show concept and do a Sunday Special for the show though.  Imagine all the stars wearing Tuxes and walking the red carpet like real celebrities, but when one doesn't win and wants to punch the winner, they actually can!  The possibilities are endless!

Anyway, the point of this article was not to talk about the Slammy's.  We're hear to focus on wrestling presented in a positive light with legitimate media.  As we know by now, most media outlets do not like wrestling, wrestlers, and and anything related to the industry.  However, one avenue that has been quite kind to the wrestling community over the years has been late night TV.  Specifically, late night personality Jimmy Fallon is a noted wrestling fan, and in the two years he has hosted his show, quite a few wrestlers have chatted with the former Saturday Night Live star.  If you remember correctly, John Cena had a memorable appearance on Fallon promoting........WRESTLEMANIA!!!

This time around, Fallon did not host a title chaser.  He hosted the WWE Champion, The Miz.  The former reality star proudly displayed his actual title belt on the show and reminisced about holding a fake belt hoping someday to carry the real thing.  Dreams do come true. 

The thing that has impressed me most about The Miz has been his work ethic.  While I am posting this video because it is readily available (though I apologize, his awesome entrance is not included in this video), Miz has done countless radio, news, and television interviews since winning the title.  The guy has become a promotional machine, the likes of which the WWE has not seen since John Cena.  There is a reason that Vince McMahon is high on this kid, and his willingness to go above and beyond to promote his product is certainly a reason to get behind him.  Perhaps Jeff Hardy should take a cue from the former reality star, becaus as quickly as his star is fading, that's how fast Miz's star is rising. 

I know that The Miz is a bad guy on TV, but the more you watch him in interviews and appearances out of character, the more you can see that he is just a natural performer and could play any role that he is given.  If and when he converts over to the babyface side of things, I think he will be able to take that ball and run with it quite well.  He certainly is gearing up now, since he is promoting the company more as a bad guy than most good guys do. 

I'm going to stop now because it's pretty obvious that I'm high on The Miz and you should be too!  Be the judge yourself and watch this clip below of The Miz on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: