Tonight was a sad night in the world of wrestling.  At 11:06 PM, the ScyFy channel faded to black on the letters E C W for the very last time.  As anti-climactic as it may be, given the departure from the original Exteme nature that made it famous, it will be weird to think of ECW as just a memory now. 

However, when one door closes, another opens.  In this case, I'm not talking about WWE's new programming that will replace ECW because that doesn't start until next week.  I'm talking about what you are reading at this very moment.  Thanks to the guys at, my words will now travel throughout their network like boos travel through arenas when Sheamus appears.  This site is now THE place to come for WWE news, reviews, spoilers, opinions, and more.  I will do my best to provide the best WWE content that I can.  Look for Raw and ECW reviews very soon and let it be known.  Today is the dawning of a new era.......the era of The Mouth of the South Shore!!!!