In keeping with the promise I made to my readers, I must report the most recent WWE talent release.  Though this man has not wrestled a match in many, many years, his time with the WWE was impactful and we must bid farewell.

The talent I am referring to is Tony Atlas.  While today's generation knows him as Mark Henry's manager and more recently as Abraham Washington's sidekick with the goofy laugh, this man is a Hall of Famer and one who had a profound impact on the WWE.  For those who don't know, Atlas was one half of the first African American Tag Team Champions along with The Rock's father, Rocky Johnson.  As an African American performer, he broke boundaries and earned the respect of everyone he wrestled.  This is why he was brought back to the company a few years ago.

When someone of his experience becomes available, the smart man takes advantage.  WWE did, and his name alone revived the career of Mark Henry by pure association.  His managerial skills brought Henry the ECW title and made him the focal point of the entire brand.  When that angle ran its course, Atlas was relegated to comedy duty, where he became notorious for his chuckle as Abraham Washington's sidekick.  Once ECW closed its doors, it became clear that the ony job Atlas could do was comedy with the guest hosts, and since they already have Santino for that, Atlas' value was essentially drained. 

It's great that a new generation knows the name of a legend and that he was able to give more time to the wrestling business.  The WWE has released a very well respected man today, and would like to wish Tony well with whatever he decides to do now that his time in the WWE is up.