Just when you think your job is done, you get more news to report.  I already reported that 6 talents were released earlier today, but word has just gotten out that yet another talent was released today, bringing the total to 7 for you math majors.  Let's take a look at who it is and what his future might hold. 

Mike Knox - When your entire career is noteworthy for your beard, you know you haven't accomplished much.  Unfortunately for Knox, he could not replicate the career of another beard man, Jim Neidhart, and has been nothing more than enhancement talent for at least a year now.  This release is not surprising in the least, but his future is definitely the hardest to project.  While other enhancement talents work more of a cruiserweight style which projects well to independent promotions, Knox is a brawler who has a small market for his talents.  It's possible that he can book some shows on name value, but I don't think people will be excited to see Mike Knox in place of exciting independent talents.  His best best is to go to Japan and follow the career path of Matt Bloom (Albert, A-Train of WWE), who has made quite a name for himself in Japan.  This might work for Knox if his ring work is up to par.  I haven't seen enough of his work to properly judge, but I would guess he can hold his own. 

As with the previous released talents, MouthoftheSouthShore.com wishes Mike Knox well in his future and thanks him for the time he gave to the WWE.  We will never forget being creeped out by his beard and oddly intelligent promos.  So Mike Knox, we hardly knew ye!